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Honorary degrees awarded to John Monteath Robertson, Sir James Pitman, Sir Maurice Dean, Francis Scott McFadzean, Felix N Mansager, George Russell and Angus Campbell.

Includes Professor Donald C Pack (Vice Principal), George P Richardson, Dr Curran, Professor Richard Rose.

Honorary degrees awarded to Thomas Gibson, Ian Kinlock MacGregor, Leonard Gordon Wolfson, William Bryce Paton, Professor John E Jacobs and Professor Carl Hirsch.

Includes Dr Curran, George P Richardson and Lord Todd of Trumpington. Also includes a 1980 cutting about MacGregor (then head of British Steel and subsequently of the Coal Board).

Honorary degrees awarded to Michael J Lighthill, Herwart Opitz, Sir Gordon Sutherland, Lord Birsay, John Scott Maclay, Lord Robbins, Sir Charles Wilson and George H Thomson (former Registrar).

Includes Dr Curran, Lord Todd, Professor William Frazer (Civil Engineering 1956-1968), George Richardson (Registrar), W F Robertson (Chairman of Court).

Honorary degrees awarded to Sir William Cook, Sir Ronald Cumming, Bristow Guy Ballard, James Sharp Tait, Joames Milne Coltart, Sir Douglas Haddow, Sir Maurice Laing and the Rt Hon the Viscount Weir.

Includes Dr Curran, Lord Todd, W F Robertson, G Richardson. Also key and platform party.

Honorary degrees awarded to Sir Donald Ross Liddle (Lord Provost) and Sir Frederick Sydney Dainton (at the opening of the John Anderson building) and Lord Nelson of Stafford, Hugh C Stenhouse, Muriel Spark.

Includes Dr Curran, Lord Todd, Professor Nicoll (Planning), Professor North (Chemistry), G Richardson, Professor H C Simpson (Thermodynamics), Professor D C Pack (Vice Principal), Professor E L Furness (Dean of Business and Administration), Professor I F Clarke (English).

Honorary degrees awarded to the Rt Hon Anthony N Wedgewood Benn and Isaac Wolfson.

Includes Dr Curran, Lord Todd, George Richardson, Professor R M Kenedi (Bioengineering), Professor Pack (Mathematics).

Honorary degrees awarded to Jerzy Romuald Werner, Sir William Collins, Sir Ronald Stanley Edwards, His Excellency Robert Kweku Atta Gardiner, Willy Hauglie, Lord Murray of Newhaven, Patrick Muirhead Thomas (Chairman of court) and Asa Briggs.

Includes Lord Todd, Dr Curran, James Pickett (Director of Overseas Development Unit), Professor S G E Lythe (History), G P Richardson.

Also opening of the Collins Exhibition Hall by Sir William Collins. Includes William Gray (Lord Provost).

Honorary degrees awarded to Lord Provost John Johnstone, Lord Clydesmuir of Braidwood, Thomas Rae Craig and Harold Montague Finniston.

Includes Dr Curran, Lord Todd, George Richardson, W F Robertson.

Honorary degrees awarded to Professor Rupert H Myers and Sir John Atwell.

Includes Mr George Richardson (Registrar), Mr P M Thomas (Chairman of Court), Professor S G E Lythe (Vice Principal), Lord Todd of Trumpington (Chancellor), Sir Samuel Curran (Principal); Mr David Morrell (Registrar); Lady [ ] Atwell, Dr Olaf Thornton, Mrs [ ] Noakes, Mr Michael Noakes (the artist), and Lady Joan Curran.

Architecture building was opened by the Rt Hon the Viscount Esher. Honorary degree was awarded to W F Robertson.

Includes Dr Curran, Lord Todd, George Richardson (Registrar).

Includes some negatives.