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Letter from Maud B. Rich, The County Secondary School, Dalston, London, to Patrick Geddes

Is delighted the ‘Masque’ will be repeated and is certain many of her pupils will attend. Due to the difficulty of a journey with the pupils across London, Maud B. Rich suggests that evening performances should start early and be shorter. Suggest other venues in the North and East of London, such as People’s Palace and Alexandra Palace, in case there will be more performances of the ‘Masque’.

Letter from George Walter Prothero, chairman of the Reception Committee of the International Historical Congress, London, to Patrick Geddes

Informs Patrick Geddes he has written to the editor of the Daily News regarding the proposed performance of the ‘Masque of Learning’ for the members of the International Historical Congress at the Albert Hall on the 5th of April. Discusses ticket prices and would like to have a confirmation of the performance so it can be included in the Congress Programme. Mentions A. Forbes Sieveking.

Prothero, George Walter, 1848-1922, historian

Letter From M. O’Brien Adams, The County Secondary School, South Hackney, London, to Patrick Geddes

Supports an opportunity for schoolchildren to attend the ‘Masque of Learning’ and believes it would be inspirational for them. Mentions attending some of Patrick Geddes’ Botany lectures in London and corresponding with Geddes regarding her book on botany. Mentions Geddes’ teachings in all subjects were helpful in her work at school and the sphere of civics. Shows appreciation for Geddes’ Masque and other works.

Letter from May C. Steele, London, to T. Gantrey

Expresses her interest in the ‘Masque of Learning’ recently produced by Patrick Geddes. Asks whether special performances for school children and teachers at reduced rates could be organised in London, similar to performances in Edinburgh.

Postcard from [ ] Hardy, Moorfields Training College, to Patrick Geddes, Crosby Hall, London

Encourages Patrick Geddes to have other performances of the Masque for teachers, as the knowledge of it is just spreading. Doubts whether Geddes could fill the Albert Hall six times in April with teachers and schoolchildren, as they would only prefer the matinees, transport could be an issue for some and the upcoming school break might prevent many from attending. Could arrange for the girls of Moorfields College to go, if she has definite news by Wednesday, the last day of school.

Letter from Mabel Mary Barker, Training College, Saffron Walden, to [ ]

Expresses her interest in elementary education and teachers, and the production of the ‘Masque of Learning’ at the University of London. Regrets the prices and times of performances were prohibitive for teachers and that many didn’t know about the ‘Masque’. Hopes the special performance to be held at the Albert Hall in April will allow London teachers and children the opportunity to see the Masque.

Barker, Mabel Mary, 1885-1961, climber and educationist

Letter from Alice Woods, London, to Patrick Geddes

Tells Patrick Geddes that if the special performance of the Masque would take place before 2 April, when the school holiday starts, she could send at least 60 children. Includes some thoughts on the Masque by her 10-year-old niece who had been at the performance. The child would be happy to see a special performance of the Masque, however she would like it to be shorter and exclude the introductory remarks between acts.

Letter from Cuthbert Maunder, London, to Patrick Geddes

Hopes Patrick and Anna Geddes are not too worn out by their work on the Masque and not too disappointed by the performance. Cuthbert Maunder points to some imperfections, such as the performers’ lack of technique or the Masque going on for longer than planned, however states that the overall outcome was a positive one. Highlights the concept of the Masque, the costumes and Anna Geddes’ performance as the best parts of the Masque. Encloses a list of suggested improvements [not extant] and thanks Geddes for allowing him to assist in the Masque.

Letter from George Walter Prothero, London, to [ ]

As Chairman of the Reception Committee of the International Historical Congress, George Walter Prothero writes at the suggestion of Patrick Geddes to request a performance of the ‘Masque of Learning’ for the historians attending the Congress in April. Prothero would be happy to meet and discuss the details, and informs the recipient the venue is likely to be the Albert Hall on the 5th of April. Mentions A. Forbes Sieveking.

Prothero, George Walter, 1848-1922, historian

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