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Patrick Geddes papers
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Letter from Sir James du Boulay, Simla, to Patrick Geddes

Acknowledges receipt of previous letter, now before the Viceroy who is awaiting Geddes' report on the Taj Gardens. He is sure Geddes has 'done a lot of good in uplifting our ideals' during his visit to India'. Unspecified sketch plan of garden on reverse side (no date). Typescript and manuscript diagram.

Boulay, Sir James, Du

Miscellaneous papers with notes in various scripts

Includes several sheets of building specifications; sketch of 'Tube Well' by Arthur Geddes, 1924; note from C.A.R. Janvier, Ewing Christian College, Allahabad to Patrick Geddes, which mentions problem of getting land from the Rajah of Bara, 14 April 1918; note on malaria (no date). Manuscript and printed.

Extract from The New Statesman

Includes article 'An Indian Pioneer of Science', a review of The Life and Work of Sir Jagadis C. Bose, by Patrick Geddes.

Letter from William Ramsay, London, to Patrick Geddes

Refers to a dispute over his position as a trustee for the Town and Gown Association and separately for Debenture Holders. Mentions Mr Fletcher and disputes his position on the responsibilities of trustees under Scottish Law.

Ramsay, Sir William Mitchell, 1851-1939, knight, archaeologist and university professor

Letter from James Bryce, London, to Patrick Geddes

Responds to Patrick Geddes' queries relating to the Cyprus question. Refers to the Sultan, employment, and gives an account of the political, economic and humanitarian situation in Cyprus.

Bryce, James, 1838-1922, 1st Viscount, politician and professor of jurisprudence

Letter from Arthur James Balfour, London, to Patrick Geddes

Advises Patrick Geddes to refer his proposed scheme for Armenians in Cyprus to the Foreign Office. Advises that it will only be taken forward if practical and suggests Geddes may wish to consider Argentina as an alternative destination.

Balfour, Arthur James, 1848-1930, 1st Earl of Balfour and politician

Letter from James Bryce, to Patrick Geddes

Mentions the view of Sir Philip Currie in relation to Patrick Geddes' Cyprus Scheme for Armenian refugees. Refers to the Contantinople Relief Committee and its chair J. W. Whittall. Mention of James Rendel Harris. Describes the political situation in Cyprus.

Bryce, James, 1838-1922, 1st Viscount, politician and professor of jurisprudence

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