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Patrick Geddes papers
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Letter from James Bryce, London, to Patrick Geddes

Concerns Patrick Geddes' plans to travel to Cyprus and the Armenian refugee problem. Refers to James Rendel Harris and Arthur James Balfour. Comments on the political situation in Turkey and Cyprus.

Bryce, James, 1838-1922, 1st Viscount, politician and professor of jurisprudence

Letter from Jane Hay, London, to Patrick Geddes

Discusses archaeological digs at Cyprus, and comments on and describes the challenges faced in relation to the development of Cyprus and the Armenian refugee problem. Refers to potential letters of introduction from Alexander Stuart Murray of the British Museum to a Mr Christian. [Christian Enlart?]. Mention of Joseph Chamberlain.

Letter from Isabel Somerset, Surrey, to Patrick Geddes

Discusses the views of the Armenian refugees, comments on the unsuitability of Cyprus as the location of an Armenian colony, and the desire of Armenian refugees to travel to USA. Outlines plans for the relief of refugee suffering.

Somerset, Isabel Caroline Somers, née Cocks, 1851-1921, philanthropist

Copy and draft correspondence from Patrick Geddes to others, relating to the question of settling Armenian refugees at Cyprus

26 documents which relate to Patrick Geddes' proposals for developing Mediterranean agriculture and manufacturing industry particularly in Cyprus; Cyprian antiquities; proposal for a labour colony for Armenians; financial matters of the Eastern and Colonial Association Ltd; offers of land investment; the possibility of the Canadian government taking Armenian refugees; finding a position for Charles Salmaslian. Typescript and manuscript.

Copy letter from Patrick Geddes, to Joseph Anderson

Refers to the acquisition of antiquities in Cyprus and the possibility of securing funds from the Edinburgh Museums to undertake excavation work there. Mention of Julius Robertson van Millingen, F. Douglas Brown, and Percy Christian.

Anderson, Joseph, 1832-1916, antiquary

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