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A Mathematician, U.S.-Bound

Article by Ben Noble, Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, USA.A comparison of the Royal College of Science and Technology, Glasgow and the University of Wisconsin.

Paper by [Patrick Geddes] on occupational education

Includes 3 copies of a paper on 'Occupational Ed[ucatio]n - Mathematical', endorsed '(To Paterfamilias, who wants his boys prepare for Matriculation, in Maths, particularly)'; third copy endorsed '(Reply to Paterfamilias)&...

Notes by [Patrick Geddes] on technical education

Manuscript and printed. Includes:Pamphlet: 'Outline Scheme for Technical Education in Devonshire'.Letter to Patrick Geddes from Alfred W.R. Fletcher. Relating to a 'University Hall Circle of Self-Education'. 2 November 1896.Let...

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