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'First Garden City Ltd. Plan of Present Development. Spring 1906.'
'Estate Office, Letchworth from plan made by Barry Parker & Raymond Unwin Architects [...]'

Scale: 4 1/2 inches to 1000 feet

Colour key at upper left corner.

Parker, Richard Barry, 1867-1943, architect and town planner


Reproduction of a bird's eye view.

'Competition Design for City of Leeds Training College.'
'William Whitehead A.R.I.B.A. Delt 1909.'

From 'The Architect, April 22nd 1910'

Whitehead, William, fl. 1910, architect

Four pages with maps mounted on one sheet

  • 'Lancashire by John Cary Engraver'; 'London: Published [...] September 1st, 1787 by J. Cary [...]'; 21.2 x 26.6 cm on 21.9 x 27.1 cm sheet
  • 'Lancashire'; 'Drawing by R. Creighton'; 'Engraved by J. & C. Walker'; 17.5 x 24.6 cm
  • 'Lancaster', 'Blackburn', 'Great and Little Bolton', 'Wigan'; 'Drawing by R. Creighton'; 'Engraved by J. & C. Walker'; 19.5 x 23.5 cm
  • 'Preston', 'Oldham'; 'Drawing by R. Creighton'; 'Engraved by J. & C. Walker'; 19 x 24.3 cm


'Competition Design for Training College, Hull'
'George J. and F.W. Skipper Architects Norwich'
'J.H. Markham delt.'

J[ ] H[ ] Markham after George J[ ] and F[ ] W[ ] Skipper.

From 'The Architect, Nov. 19th, 1909'

Skipper, George John, 1856-1948, architect

Isle of Wight

'New Forest & Isle of Wight. By John Bartholomew, F R G S'
'The Edinburgh Geographical Institute'
'John Bartholomew & Co.'

Scale: 1 inch to 2 miles

From 'New reduced Ordnance Survey of England and Wales'

Bartholomew, John George, 1860-1920, geographer and cartographer

Hastings and St. Leonards

'Hastings and St. Leonards. [ ] 1914 Bird's Eye View showing the growth of the town into the [Va]lle[ys]'

Collage comprising aerial view, map and reproductions of photographs.

Anon. [First Atelier of Architecture (Leonard Holcombe Bucknell, Eric Rawlstone Jarrett, and A[ ] B[ ] Hamilton)]

Fourteen insets: 'Key Plan' and 13 photographs of the two cities and environs along the border of the sheet.

'Cities Exhibition No. 281, lent by the First Atelier of Architecture'

Bucknell, Leonard Holcombe, 1887-1963, architect


'Farnham' endorsed in manuscript in ink in bottom right corner.
'Market House 61' endorsed in manuscript in ink in bottom right corner.
'May 30' 1861' endorsed in manuscript in pencil in bottom left corner.


All endorsements in different manuscripts.

Eight reproductions of exterior views of buildings at Eton with supplementary text, mounted on one sheet

  • 'View of Eton, c. 1621.'
  • 'Hollar's Print, 1672.'
  • 'Loggan's Print.'
  • 'East View of the College, 1742.'
  • 'View of Eton College, c. 1747.'
  • 'View of Eton College in Buckinghamshire.'
  • 'Eton College Kitchen, c. 1780.'
  • 'Schoolyard in 1814.'

'Cities Exhibition No. 92[ ]'
'UNIV / 5' endorsed in manuscript in crayon on reverse.

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