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Transport and General Workers’ Union (TGWU) York

Correspondence with Paul Cooper of Transport and General Workers’ Union (TGWU) York. Includes an autopsy report and other medical information. Among topics covered are issues with York pathologists and coroners, and concerns over exposure to asbestos of British Rail passengers. Also a little correspondence re foundation of the York Asbestos Support Group in 2006. Papers include testimony by former British Rail coach builders and asbestos sprayers, and photocopies of confidential J W Roberts Ltd communications re fibre levels produced by the 'Limpet' asbestos cement spray process, 1962.

Paul Cooper long campaigned on behalf of former carriageworks employees who suffered from asbestos-related illnesses. He retired as secretary of the TGWU York branch c. 2010.

Correspondence with John Todd, 1976-1983

  • correspondence chiefly with John Todd re how he and his fellow laggers are affected by asbestos and re his awareness raising campaign; also with the TGWU, health and safety experts, the media
  • correspondence with Margaret Bain (MP East Dunbartonshire) and John Healey (of Leven, Fife)
  • photocopies of John Todd's correspondence with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the environmental health department of the city of Glasgow, the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), various newspapers, and the TGWU
  • press coverage 1974-1976 and other papers

International Workers' Memorial Day

Documents relating to Workers’ Memorial Day celebrations 1998-2004.

  • copy of ‘Construction Safety Campaign News’ summer 2004 with coverage of Workers’ Memorial Day 2004 and article commemorating Alan Dalton
  • OEDA announcement / flier for Workers’ Memorial Day 2001
  • OEDA newspaper notices 28 April 1998 (Financial Times, Daily Telegraph), 2 colour photographs, 2 floppy discs

GMB (trade union)

Correspondence (mainly with the GMB health & environment section and regional health workers of the union), enquiries, press releases, research articles. Includes

  • copy of report of Tom Cox, UK Socialist Group (1998) ‘Dangers of asbestos for workers and the environment’, accepted by the Parliamentary Assembly in the Council of Europe; also set of amendments to the report
  • papers re cases of asbestos-related lung cancer in Northern Ireland
  • correspondence re John McClean (GMB Regional Health and Safety Officer) joining the OEDA Management Committee in 1995

Unions A-Z, 2000-2007

Correspondence (including telephone memoranda) and papers, among them press releases, press coverage, articles, etc. In alphabetical order by name of union. Includes copies of

  • Tony O'Brien [2001] 'The fight to ban asbestos 1995-2000: construction safety campaign'
  • T & G (1998) 'Canadian asbestos kills: ban all asbestos'
  • Martin Stott (1983) ‘Fit as a fiddle? Case studies on international industrial health hazards’ (Trade Union International Research and Education Group)

Unions A-Z, 1973-2000

Correspondence with various unions (in roughly alphabetical order by name of union). Includes publicity leaflets, press cuttings, copies of

  • International Metalworkers’ Federation (1979) ‘Action programme against asbestos’ (at AUEW)
  • Peter Kirby (c.1982) ‘Death in the textile industry: a proportional mortality study of 952 dyers, bleachers and textile workers who died between 1976-1980’ (at TGWU)


Correspondence with and re CancerBACUP 1985-2007, in reverse chronological order. Includes

  • correspondence with cancer victims and their families
  • updates on how OEDA is described in the CancerBACUP directory

For OEDA's holdings of CancerBACUP publications, consult the OEDA collection of printed material; see link below.

East Anglia Support Group 1997-1998

Correspondence with and re Arthur Davidson and his sister Helen Bocking, whose husband Arthur Hedley Bocking died in June 1992.

Includes case correspondence re A H Bocking, correspondence re the OEDA East Anglia Support Group, correspondence and papers re Arthur Davidson's activities as a claims management advisor through Citizens Solutions Ltd.

Helen Bocking set up the OEDA Country Group East Anglia, which was succeeded by the Asbestos & Respitary [sic] Industrial Diseases Association (Arid) Limited until c.2003. Arid and/or Citizens Solutions Ltd offered paid claims support services.

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