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Enclosed with T-GED 9/864/1, from Sir John Murray, 'Challenger Office', J. G. Goodchild, H. M. Geological Survey and Curator at the Royal Museum, Edinburgh, Principal W. Laurie, Heriot Watt College, and John S. Flett ,H. M. Geological Survey.

University of London Extension Lectures Syllabus

Syllabus for The History of Learning taught through five courses by Professor Geddes at the University of London. Includes descriptions for each of the five lectures. Scheduled to take place between 29 January and 26 February [1913].

Bundle of papers on the selection of an assistant professor of Sociology at the University of Bombay

  1. Amendment to Mr. K. Natarajan’s motion by Mr. D.G. Dalvi, fl. January 1920.

  2. Letter from Patrick Geddes, Department of Sociology and Civics, University of Bombay, to the Vice-Chancellor and Members of the Senate, University of Bombay, 30 January 1920.
    Patrick Geddes reports on the selection, by himself and Mr. K. Natarajan, of an assistant professor of Sociology at Bombay University. Advocates for Mr. Perwani to continue his work as Assistant Professor of Sociology in the place of Mr. K. Natarajan. Refers to the amendment by Mr. D.G. Dalvi to Mr. K. Natarajan’s motion.

  3. Report by Patrick Geddes on two applications from Mr. Swaminathan and Mr. M.C. Chaterjee for the post of Assistant professor of Sociology and Civics at the University of Bombay, fl. February 1920.

  4. Report by Patrick Geddes on an application from Mr. H.S. Stark for the post of Assistant professor of Sociology and Civics at the University of Bombay, 11 March 1920.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

Letter from [ ],Mumbai, to the Editor of the Bombay Chronicle, Mumbai

Refers to an article on ‘The School of Sociology and Economics’ appeared in the Bombay Chronicle on the 25th of April, criticising the work and efficiency of the Sociology and Civics Department, the Town and Planning Exhibition, the work of Patrick Geddes and Assistant Professor Pherwani. The author brings detailed arguments against the assertions in the newspaper article.

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