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Photographs related to the University of Strathclyde Chaplaincy at its different locations. Includes black and white and some colour photographs.

‘Photograph(s) – Chaplaincy Group’

Photographs, originally in an envelope labelled 'Photograph- Chaplaincy Group' including 33 black-and-white and colour photographs and some associated notes and correspondence (5 items).

Photos include some groups, views of the church, and some portrait photographs:
-1. chaplaincy group photograph (black and white) c1980
-2. portrait photograph, 'Rob Mawditt' (black and white) c1980
-3. portrait photograph, 'John Turner' (black and white) c1980
-4. portrait photograph, 'Jack Quinn' (black and white) c1980
-5. group photograph, five men (black and white) c1980
-6. group photograph of a performance, three men (colour) c1980 20. interior shots of the chaplaincy (14 colour photographs) c1980
-21. group photograph in the chaplaincy, four men, one woman, and a dog (black and white) c1980 26. group photographs outside and inside the chaplaincy, possibly Chaplain and students of the 'CathSoc' Catholic Society (5 colour photographs) c1990 28. group photographs, same individuals as no 21. with the exception of the dog (2 black and white photographs) c1980
-29. group photograph, four men (possibly chaplains) on bicycles and wearing sun glasses outside the chaplaincy. Reverse of the photograph annotated 'p.7' (black and white) c1980 31. contacts sheets of portrait and group photographs of chaplains and the chaplaincy group (includes copies of photographs 1. to 5. listed above) (black and white) c1980
-32. six men (possibly chaplains) sat around a coffee table inspecting a building plan (black and white) c1980
-33. photograph of a table display of religious books (black and white) c1980

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