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Botanical illustrations
GB 249 OF/8/1 · Séries · c. 1830

Botanical illustrations used for teaching at the Royal Technical College, Glasgow, and its predecessor institutions.

The illustrations appear to fall into two groups: hand-coloured engravings from Wagner's 'Pharmaceutische-Mediziner Botanik' (1828), and a series of hand-coloured drawings by an unknown artist. It is not certain, however, that this grouping is correct. There is also a list, probably of the Wagner engravings, which shows that many illustrations are now missing.

Mounted hand-coloured illustrations
GB 249 OF/8/1/4 · Dossiê · c. 1830
Parte de Botanical illustrations

Probably belonging to the same group of illustrations as OF/8/1/3.

  • Cannabis sativa. Lin.
  • Cathartocarpus Fistula Pers (Cassia Fistula Lin)
  • Cinchona succirubra
  • Cochlearia Armoracia. Lin.
  • Conium maculatum. Lin.
  • Delphinium Staphisagria. Lin.
  • Eucalyptus Rosinifera, Smith.
  • Helleborous niger, Lin.
  • Juniperus communis L.
  • Lavandula spica, Lin.
  • Melaleuca minor, Smith etc.
  • Momordica Elaterium. Lin.
  • Rheum palmatum. Lin.
  • Sinapis nigra. Lin.
  • Spartium Scopsium (Broom)
GB 249 OF/8/1/2 · Dossiê · c. 1830
Parte de Botanical illustrations

These are distinguished from the other groups of illustrations by appearing to be hand-coloured engravings, each identified by a table number, also engraved, except in one instance.

  • Tab. 4 (in pencil) Symphytum officinale. L.
  • Tab. 35 (engraved) Tanactetum vulgare. L.
  • Tab. 60 (engraved) Rosmarinus officinalis. L.
  • Tab. 68 (engraved) Bactyrilobium Fistula Willd.
  • Tab. 71 (engraved) Tussilago Farfara. L. a. planta florens.
  • Tab. 112 (engraved) Mentha piperita. L.
  • Tab. 128 (engraved) Verbascum phlomoides. L.
  • Tab. 133 (engraved) Cannabis sativa. L. a. mas.
  • Tab. 180 (engraved) Cassia Senna. L.
  • Tab. 197 (engraved) Juniperus Sabina. L.
  • Tab. 206 (engraved) Arbutus Uva ursi. L.
  • No. 231 (engraved) Artemisia Santonica. Gmel.
  • Tab. 234 (engraved) Cucumis Colocynthis. L.
Books and articles
GB 249 KIR/7 · Séries · 1975 - 2015
Parte de Kirkwood papers

Books and articles, the majority of which were written by Colin and/or Gerri Kirkwood.

Paulo Freire
GB 249 KIR/4/1 · Dossiê · c. 1975 - 1997
Parte de Kirkwood papers

Correspondence and papers relating to the implementation of the ideas and practices of the Brazilian adult educator, Paulo Freire. Colin Kirkwood first became aware of Paulo Freire in 1975. He began teaching about him, initially by leading reading groups in the Kirkwoods' home, and later submitted a proposal to Lothian Regional Council for a community-based project to implement Freire's ideas. The proposal was accepted and in 1979, the Adult Learning Project (ALP) was established in the working-class Gorgie Dalry area of Edinburgh. Gerri Kirkwood played a leading role in the ALP from its inception until 1989.

Many of the letters and papers relate to the writing and publication in 1989 of the book 'Living Adult Education: Freire in Scotland' by Colin and Gerri Kirkwood, an account of the ten year initial effort to establish the ALP. Contents include:

  • Articles by and about Paulo Freire
  • Reviews of 'Living Adult Education: Freire in Scotland'
  • Papers relating to the conference 'Challenging Education, Creating Alliances: An Institute in Honor of Paulo Freire's 70th Birthday', New York, 1991 at which Colin and Gerri Kirkwood delivered a workshop
  • Papers relating to 'The Education of Adults in Scotland: Democracy and Curriculum' conference in 1992
  • Correspondence with Ira Shor, Professor at College of Staten Island, City University of New York
  • Papers relating to the writing of a chapter by Gerri Kirkwood in the book 'The Charnwood Papers: Fallacies in Community Education', published in 1991
  • 'Rethinking Columbus' a special issue of 'Rethinking Schools' 1991
  • Obituary of Paulo Freire by Frei Betto, 1997
Edinburgh and Lothian Region
GB 249 KIR/4 · Séries · c. 1975 - 1997
Parte de Kirkwood papers

Letters and papers from Colin and Gerri Kirkwood's time living and working in Edinburgh and the Lothian Region. Colin Kirkwood was employed by the Workers' Educational Association (WEA) South-East Scotland District from 1976 to 1986, first as Tutor Organiser and then as District Secretary while Gerri Kirkwood worked as a community adult educator on the Adult Learning Project (ALP) in the Gorgie Dalry area of Edinburgh, from 1979 to 1989.

Castlemilk, Glasgow
GB 249 KIR/3 · Séries · 1973 - 1978
Parte de Kirkwood papers

Letters and papers from Colin and Gerri Kirkwood's time living in Castlemilk, a large public housing scheme on the outskirts of Glasgow, During their time there, they became very active in the community.

Angus and Barbara Somerville
GB 249 KIR/1/7 · Dossiê · 1960s
Parte de Kirkwood papers

Letters and notes from Angus and Barbara Somerville to Colin and Gerri Kirkwood, 1969 and undated. Includes a poem entitled 'THE SPIDER AND THE FLY'.

Robert 'Bob' Tait
GB 249 KIR/1/2 · Dossiê · 1965 - 1971
Parte de Kirkwood papers

Letters from Robert (Bob) Tait to Colin and Gerri Kirkwood. Includes the poems:

'The Third Ghost Story'
'The Electric Age'
'Sgt. Pepper, Caretaker'
'Trains a Boat & a Plane'

Also includes campaign leaflet for Bob Tait's candidacy for Edinburgh council election, [1970], and two letters, 1969, from an unidentified correspondent called Irene.

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