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Section History
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This section comprises what was probably part of the Outlook Tower library, although some books may have been in Patrick Geddes' private collection. Subjects covered are:

Agriculture, Husbandry, Gardens (1-21)
Architecture (22-42A)
Art (43-55)
Astronomy and Cosmography (56-75)
Biology, Botany and Zoology (76-108)
Education (109-113)
Exhibitions (114)
Geography (115-128)
Geology and Mineralogy (129-135)
History and Chronology (136-187)
Literature (188-196)
Music (197)
Planning, Housing, Public Health etc. (198-230)
Printing (231)
Religion and Philosophy (232-241)
Science (Applied and Theoretical) Including Mathematics, Mechanics, Navigation etc. (242-291)
Social Sciences including Sociology, Political Economy, Politics, Social Studies (312-317)
Travel and Topography (318-341)
Government Papers (342-349)
General Reference Works (350-354)
Miscellanea (355-361)


This section comprises the following series:

  1. Philosophy of History, Interpretations of History, Teaching of History, World History, Ancient History

  2. Medieval and Scottish History

  3. History of various countries, other historical topics, historical maps and charts

  4. Miscellaneous history manuscripts and printed material

  5. War and Peace

  6. War and Peace (continued)

  7. War and Peace (continued)