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Patrick Geddes papers
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Bundle of papers in folder endorsed 'Statistics of Armenians at Larnaca'

Includes: note of disbursements from Armenian Refuge Fund, 1 October 1896 to 20 March 1897; letter from [ ] headed 'Banque Impériale Ottomane (Larnaca)' to Patrick Geddes at Larnaca, explaining that Armenian refugees in Larnaca have no means of support since the work in the gardens finished and urging Geddes to make the necessary demands to the Committee, 26 March 1897; list of Armenian refugees at Larnaca, 29 March 1897.

Correspondence and copy letters to and from Patrick Geddes relating to the Armenian Labour Colony at Cyprus

Contents relate to the affairs of the Eastern and Colonial Association Ltd. Reference to the establishment of local committees of the British Societies for the Relief of Armenian Distress. Mention of L. Perkes and [ ] Thomason. Correspondents include: C.E. Maurice, Dilworth Harrison, Henry Beveridge, Eliza Pickard, Walter Fletcher, Andrew Dunlop, L. Fox Pitt, S. Perkes, C. Salmaslian, F.L. Harden. Manuscript and typescript.

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