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Marr, Thomas R., fl. 1898-1909, Warden of Manchester University Settlement
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Postcard from John Ross, Edinburgh, to Thomas R. Marr, Paris

Administrative arrangements for around 500 letters and circulars to be sent out in relation to the International Exposition, Paris, 1900 and the International Assembly. Thanks to Mrs Grinling for providing teapots, requests additional purchases and advises of whereabouts in the following days.

Postcard from John Ross, Montrose, to Thomas R. Marr, Paris

Congratulates Marr on his success, requests advice on how funds are to be distributed in payment of accounts. Mentions 'Whites' in relation to bill payment. Advises of his whereabouts in the coming days and requests a meeting with Marr. Confirms he is happy to undertake some work for Stoddard Dewey. Mention of Edward McGegan.

Letter from John Ross, London, to Thomas R. Marr

Requests information and a time-frame for repayment of money lent, advising he is desperate straits for cash. Advises that he will not send out press copies in relation to International Exposition at Paris, 1900 and International Assembly and requests that Marr do it.

Ross, John, fl. 1895 - 1932, chartered accountant

Letter from G.H. Perris, London, to Thomas R. Marr

Perris advises Marr that French proof-sheets and the week's programmes have been sent out, on behalf of the International Assembly Association in relation to the Paris Exposition 1900. Expresses regret at missed opportunities due to absence of instruction. Mentions 'Radford' and his work on 'guides'. Annotation regarding lecture.

Perris, George Herbert, 1866-1920, journalist and peace campaigner

5 postcards from John Ross to Thomas R. Marr, Paris

Various subjects including criticism of the arrangements for the International Association meeting at Paris as intimated to the British Association at Bradford, mentioning James Mavor and W. Law Bros. Mention also of [ ] Ford, General [Lowther], Mrs. Grinling, [ ] Crowther, Jean [ ], [John] Dewey, [ ] White and Edward McGegan.

Ross, John, fl. 1895 - 1932, chartered accountant

Postcard from John Ross, Chelsea, to Thomas R. Marr, Paris

Advises Marr of Mavor's detainment in London, requests advice on whether and where to send guides relating to the International Exposition at Paris, 1900. Mentions Griffiths and Law Bros. Complains about 'tardy after thoughts' and how business is being mishandled.

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