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‘The A-Z of occupational diseases’, conference organised by International Business Communications Ltd (IBC), Birmingham, 30 September 1997

Correspondence, programme, Nancy Tait’s notes on some of the presentations. Also copies of the following presentations, some of them annotated:

  • Andrew Sims: workplace stress – medical view
  • Simon Allen: workplace stress – legal view, RSI – legal view
  • Dr David Snashall: manual handling and back injuries – medical view
  • Oscar Tempest: insurance company view
  • Prof. C L Welsh: VWF – medical view
  • Glyn Jones: VWF – legal view
  • John Campbell: occupational deafness – medical view
  • Dr Jeremy Beach: respiratory diseases – medical view
  • Dr John Moore-Gillon: diseases caused by asbestos exposure
  • James Rowley: asbestos-induced diseases – legal view
  • Dr Charles Twort: occupational asthma – medical view
  • Brian Williams: occupational asthma – legal view
  • David Gawkroger: dermatitis – medical view
  • Alan Care: Is dermatitis a good indicator of chemical poisoning?

‘Mesothelioma summit', organised by the British Lung Foundation, London, 9 March 2005

Correspondence and papers re British Lung Foundation’s mesothelioma summit, 9 March 2005.


  • conference programme, speaker information
  • copies of slides,
  • Nancy Tait's notes
  • leaflets of support groups such as Sheffield and Rotherham Asbestos Group (SARAG) and copies of SARAG and RASAG newsletters
  • copy of Greater Manchester Asbestos Victims Support Group (n.d.) 'Asbestos: legislative bars to benefits and compensation: a charter for reform of benefits legislation, with an introduction by Michael Clapham MP'
  • copy of John Pickering & Partners (2004) 'Asbestos compensation'

‘GAZETTE: University of Strathclyde’

Two copies of the University's 'GAZETTE' magazine that belonged to Chaplain Rev J. Lochrie: Spring and Summer 1976 editions. There are two articles that relate to the chaplaincy within these editions:
-‘Plans Unfold for Chaplaincy Centre’, Spring 1976, pp5-7;
-‘Chaplaincy Centre Prospects’, Summer 1976, pp12-13.

‘Fifth international symposium on inhaled particles’, British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), Cardiff, 8-12 September 1980

Correspondence and papers (including conference programme and list of participants) re BOHS ‘Fifth international symposium on inhaled particles’, Cardiff, 8-12 September 1980. Evidence that Nancy Tait attended or intended to do so is elsewhere in the archive.


  • correspondence with legal scholar Richard Lewis, University College Cardiff, 21 July 1983, re his article ‘Compensation for occupational disease’
  • correspondence arising from Nancy Tait’s interest in using illustrations of one of the conference papers (J C Wagner et al., ‘A pathological and mineralogical study of asbestos-related deaths in the United Kingdom in 1977’) for a SPAID note on the Kemp case. Arthur Leonard Kemp (d.1978 aged 69 of respiratory disease) had worked as a shipwright at H M Dockyard, Chatham, Kent 1937-1973; see Albert Henry Smith (executor of A L Kemp) v. MOD, 1981, High Court of Justice Queens Bench Division
  • bulk of this file is a set of draft papers of the ten conference sessions
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