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Letter from [ ] to Patrick Geddes

Describes the work of [Mabel] Barker, who runs a scheme designed to make women employable through training. Mention of Miss [Mary] Ritchie.

Letter from [ ] to [ ]

Incomplete. Concerns the teaching of sociology and regional survey method. Refers to the 'Olympus'. Mention of A. Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Branford, Miss [Mary] Ritchie, James Hector and [ ] [Dench].

Letter from [ ], Paris, to [ ]

Asks the recipient to obtain money for him, from the 'P. A. Department'. Lists his expenses. Mentions Professor Geddes and Professor [ ]. Incomplete.

Letter from [ ] to [ ]

Fragment. Refers to a Masque.
'Miss MacLeod' is inscribed in different handwriting along one side of the fragment.

Letter from [ ], Edinburgh, to [ ]

The writer suggests a course of lectures, to be given by Patrick Geddes to Dr. Morgan's students at the Training college, elaborating the 'school-bag' idea. This might forge a connection between the Tower and the College. Reference to an exhibition. Incomplete.

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