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Architectural drawings

Giving detail of pillars, capitals and decorative stonework, all bearing the note: 'Used in the art classes of the Glasgow Mechanics' Trust, afterwards incorporated with the Technical College' - the drawing made by William Dennistoun, architect and painter, who was initiator of the Glasgow Art Club - the wash shading was done by A.D. Robertson, art master.

Lecture notes by [Patrick Geddes] on 'Sociological Account of History'

Three lectures, Numbers IV, XI and XII taken from a series of twelve in [Bombay]. Topics covered include: war; economics; European and Indian religion; Indian education and leadership; the classical, medieval, renaissance, industrial, imperial, financial and technical ages; universities; science; medicine; ethics; art and artists; citizenship and civics; city and regional survey (especially in Indore, Jerusalem and Bombay); town planning; the neotechnic movement; synthetic philosophy; social laboratories like the Outlook Tower, Edinburgh; political evolution; reconstruction; differences between the sexes; progressive education and Mme. Montessori. Mention of [Victor] Branford, [Henry Vaughan] Lanchester, J[agadis] C[handra] Bose, [Rabindranath] Tagore, [Mahatma] Gandhi. Typescript.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

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