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Papers relating to antiquarian interests

Manuscript catalogues reflecting John Anderson's interest in fossils, natural history subjects and antiquities; diary of a tour to the Western Isles; account of the Antonine Wall.

Papers relating to Glasgow College

Lecture notes, notebooks and operator's books for experiments; lists of scientific instruments; financial receipts and correspondence; legal documents relating to Anderson's disputes with University of Glasgow.

Miscellaneous writings

Commonplace books, writings on religion, literature, Scotticisms and catalogues of books.


This section comprises the following series:

  1. Paris Exposition 1900: general organisation

  2. Paris Exposition 1900: International Assembly

  3. Paris Exposition 1900: Rue des Nations

  4. Paris Exposition 1900: other conferences

  5. Paris Exposition 1900

  6. Glasgow Exhibition 1901

  7. International Assembly Paris 1900 and Glasgow 1901

  8. Congrès Mondial des Associations

  9. Cities and Town Planning Exhibition, Edinburgh

  10. Cities and Town Planning Exhibition, Crosby Hall, Chelsea, London

  11. Cities and Town Planning Exhibition, Dublin

  12. Miscellaneous material relating to various exhibitions

Evergreen - Verse - Olympus

This section comprises the following series:

  1. The Evergreen and Messrs. Patrick Geddes and Colleagues

  2. Verse

  3. Olympus

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