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View of Edinburgh Castle

(No. 388)'A I' monogram.'Site of proposed barracks' endorsed in manuscript in ink.

Inglis, Alexander A., 1881-1913, photographer

View from Dean Bridge, Edinburgh

(No. 720)'J.V.' monogram'Eton Terrace from Dean Bridge' endorsed in manuscript in ink.

Valentine, James, 1815-1879, engraver and photographer

Salaries books

Records of salaries paid to academic and non academic staff of the Scottish Hotel School.


Title piece on the spine reads: 'Glasgow and West of Scotland Commercial College (Incorp[orate]d) Ledger No.5'.Accounts ledger for the Scottish Hotel School, divided into the following sections:Prize fund account; prize giving expenses a...

Foodstuffs accounts

Annual statements of the Scottish Hotel School foodstuffs account and functions account. Includes some separate statements of the foodstuffs account for Mellanby Hall, the female students' hall of residence.

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