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Diagrams and notes by [Patrick Geddes]

Diagram or plan by [Patrick Geddes] relating to the classification of the sciences, possibly for a museum layout. Manuscript. 1 document, no date.

Sheet with diagrams by [Patrick Geddes]. Manuscript. 1 document, no date.

Four diagrams by [Patrick Geddes or others] relating to the temporal and spiritual powers of various periods: Greco-Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Revolution, Empire and Finance. Manuscript. 4 documents, no date.

Bundle of notes and diagrams relating to labour, finances, social and political movements, men and women, eutopia (India/Europe/ California). Manuscript. 9 docs, no date.

Bundle of notes, endorsed 'H. Wilson 30/6/15' and 'Dev[elopmen]t of Labour Letter to R. Kenny'. On labour relations and work. Manuscript. 5 docs. [1915]. Folder is endorsed by [Jaqueline Tyrwhitt]: '1906. 3 Letters to Wilson' and 'Wilson - Architect and artist - designed churches - leader in "arts & craft" movement - died over 80 before 1939. Had vast library espec. on eastern [sic] thought and art'. Inside of folder contains manuscript list of the original contents, correspondence between [Henry] Wilson and Patrick Geddes [see T-TYR 1/5/2 [;isad]].

Provisional damages 1992

Correspondence discussing provisional damages, conditional fees and access to justice. Includes

  • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers' (APIL) responses to The Lord Chancellor's 1998 Consultation Paper 'Access to justice with conditional fees', and copy of the text in question
  • SPAID summary of what the then new conditional fee rules involve, 1995
  • sample provisional fees agreement Field Fisher Waterhouse and copy of the firm's client guide on provisional fees
  • photocopy of draft statutory instrument ‘Conditional fee agreement order' (1995)
  • correspondence with several law firms, among them Gadsby Wicks Solicitors (Chelmsford), Field Fisher Waterhouse and Rowley Ashworth, re Law Commission Consultation Paper on provisional damages (1992) and re conditional fees.
  • extract from the Law Commission's 1992 Consultation Paper on provisional damages (presumably 'Structured settlements and interim and provisional damages', Consultation Paper No 125)

Booker on Health & Safety at work, 2002

Correspondence and papers (including press coverage) arising from articles by Christopher Booker, in particular the article in The Sunday Telegraph, 17 March 2002, discussing the debate on health & safety at work (especially asbestos) in the House of Commons, 14 March 2002. Includes:

  • OEDA letters/faxes to the editor of The Sunday Telegraph
  • letter to Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions
  • section with copies of Booker's articles re asbestos, January-October 2002

Indicates that OEDA at that stage had a website.

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