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Letter from [ ] to Frank Mears

Undefined business, possibly about International Exhibition in Glasgow. The question of whether John [Burns] should open in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Mention of Mr. Campbell, Lord Pentland and Patrick Geddes.

On reverse of 'Cities and Town Planning Exhibition, 1911' notepaper.

Letter from G. Baldwin Brown, Edinburgh, to Patrick Geddes

Holyrood memorial to the late King. Reference to the 'Usher Hall wrangle'. Mention of Sir Herbert Maxwell, Sir Schomburg McDonnell, [ ], [ ] Blaikie, the Old Edinburgh Club, the Cockburn Association, Edinburgh Architectural Association, [Robert] Rowand Anderson, [ ] Lorimer, Bruce Home and John Burns.

Printed testimonials

Enclosed with T-GED 9/864/1, from Sir John Murray, 'Challenger Office', J. G. Goodchild, H. M. Geological Survey and Curator at the Royal Museum, Edinburgh, Principal W. Laurie, Heriot Watt College, and John S. Flett ,H. M. Geological Survey.

Copy letter from Victor Branford to Patrick Geddes

Reply to GB 249 T-GED 9/820/2 [;isad].
A discussion of the problems inherent in the proposed revitalisation of the country of Paraguay and its railway, and asking for financial aid to counter the policy of some who would like minimal development and quick dividends.

Branford, Victor Verasis, 1863-1930, sociologist

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