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Alan Dalton papers
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Correspondence on research in China on exposure to chrysotile asbestos. Includes academic paper.


Academic paper by V. Neumann, S. Günther, K.-M. Müller, M Fischer entitled ‘Malignant mesothelioma – German mesothelioma register 1987-1999’. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health 2001, 74.


Papers on banning asbestos in India.


Academic paper by E. Handen Zeren, Derya Gumurdulu, Victor L. Roggli, Ilhan Tuncer, Suzan Zorludemir and Melek Erkisr entitled ‘Environmental malignant mesothelioma in Southern Anatolia: a study of fifty cases’. Environmental Health Perspectives 2...

John McPherson

Papers on compensation claim by John McPherson. McPherson suffered cancer of the larynx after exposure to asbestos.

Alan Powell

Correspondence on Alan Powell, who died from mesothelioma.This file originated from Dalton's role as Researcher in Health and Safety at the Labour Research Department.

Environmental and occupational health topics other than asbestos

Series of files on environmental and occupational health topics other than asbestos. Some files were created by Dalton in the course of a single role, eg as Researcher in Health and Safety at the Labour Research Department, whereas other files spa...


Annual report, minutes and papers of the Pesticides Forum, 1999-2000Pesticide Action Network UK: Review, 2001; Catalogue of lists of pesticides, 2001


Correspondence and papers on landfill. Includes lists of landfill site operators in UK.

Man-made mineral fibres

Correspondence and papers on man-made mineral fibres. Research carried out by Dalton for the Labour Research Department.

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