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Patrick Geddes papers
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Draft memorial of the Edinburgh University Students Representative Council to the Right Honourable the Lord Advocate, the Solicitor General for Scotland and Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Scotland

Discusses the prospect of legislation affecting the organisational system of Scottish universities. The students of University of Edinburgh list a series of suggestions regarding the organisation of studies, conditions of graduation and the general organisation of the university. Suggests the inclusion of undergraduate and postgraduate university students among the persons whose evidence may be taken by any future Universities Commission.

Letter and enclosure from J.E. Hodgkin, Lincoln House, London, to Patrick Geddes, London

  1. Letter from J.E. Hodgkin, in which he encloses a copy of the programme [extant] of the event at Leighton park School. Clarifies that the plan shown in the programme is dedicated to Arts and Crafts work.

  2. Eclosed programme for the Hobby Exhibition and J.B. Hodgkin Elocution Competition. Includes a plan of the school.

Fragment of a letter from [ ] to [ ]

Discusses a book on universities and articles on the 'Welsh Outlook'. Mentions Principal Roberts; H.J. Fleure; Professor Hamelus of Liege; J. Arthur Thomson; Edward McGegan, and Mrs. Tayler.

Letter from Theodore J. Faithfull, Priory Gate School, Wereham, Norfolk, to Patrick Geddes

Sends particulars of the school at the request of his friend George Sandeman. Discusses his ideas on new schools, criticising those run on puritanical lines. Refers to the New Era Fellowship and Geddes' idea for a conference on new schools in which his colleague Miss N. Brinton would co-operate. [ ] Neil's, Bertrand Russell's, The Forest School and Dartington Hall are the only schools he knows 'with anything like freedom about them'. Mentions Roy Armstrong.

Letter from Austen St. Barbe Harrison to Patrick Geddes

Acknowledges receipt of Patrick Geddes’ undated latter and enclosed copy letter to Dr. Magnes dated 11 April 1925. Refers to the competition for building plans for the Jewish National Library in Jerusalem and to Geddes and Frank Mears’ draft proposal. Informs Geddes that his wish to act as consulting architect, assesor and joint-architect creates a conflict of interests and Geddes’ suggestion of division of fees goes against regulations. Mentions Dr. Max Schloessinger.

Harrison, Austen St. Barbe, 1891-1976, architect

Letter from M.H. Syed, Poona Training College for Men, Poona City, to Patrick Geddes

Acknowledges receipt of Patrick Geddes’ note of 4 February. Hopes Geddes will recover soon from his illness. Requests a copy of Victor Verasis Branford’s ‘Science and Sanctity’. Discusses Radha Krishnan’s book, ‘The Indian Philosophy’. Enquires whether he could stay at the Department of Sociology and Civics when he visits Bombay. Mentions Professor Ram Deva, Bhagwan Dass and Arthur Geddes.

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