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The A.P.O.C [Anglo-Persian Oil Company] Magazine and The NAFT A.P.O.C. Magazine

A.P.O.C [Anglo-Persian Oil Company] magazine volume 1 number 3 January 1925 including a mounted print and negative of the drawing of Addiewell Works used in the magazine; Volume 10 number 3 May 1934; Volume 10 number 4 July 1934; Volume 22 number 3 June 1946; Volume 23 number 5 October 1947; Volume 26 number 3 June 1950.

Folder enclosing correspondence and miscellaneous notes, mostly related to peace activities during World War 1


Paper: 'The Appeal to America' by [ ]. Typescript. 4 pp. No date [post 1914].

Letter: M. Smyth (Secretary, Montessori Society) to Patrick Geddes.
Regarding a lecture to be given by Mr. [ ] Westarp. Enclosing a ticket for the lecture (not extant). London, 30 November 1912. On the reverse: manuscript notes relating to [Norman] Angell.

Letter: Norman Angell (Garton Foundation) to Patrick Geddes.
Asking Patrick Geddes to give two lectures in Newcastle. Enclosing a syllabus (not extant). London, 9 November 1912.

Copy letter: [Patrick Geddes] to Norman Angell.
Relating to the above lectures, which Patrick Geddes agrees to give, though he is changing the topic slightly to 'better finance and financiers'. Mention of C. Chesterton, M. [ ] de Bloch, Paris Exhibition, Industrial Revolution. Typescript. 3 pp. Edinburgh, 14 November 1912.

Letter: Thomas B. Whitson (Town and Gown Association) to Patrick Geddes. Relating to the Town and Gown Association. Whitson states that Blackie House and Lister House have been closed due to the war, and Ramsay Lodge may also have to be closed. Mention of [Edward] McGegan and [ ] Ross. Edinburgh, 4 September 1914.

Letter: Ellinor Fell (Society for International Right) to [Patrick Geddes].
Relating to an article written for a Sunday illustrated newspaper about war and education. Informs Geddes about the work of the Society. London, 20 July 1915.

Bundle of correspondence and programmes relating to Conference on "The Pacifist Philosophy of Life', Caxton Hall London, 8-9 July 1915. Correspondents include: Edward G. Smith, Dr. [ ] Slater, T. Baty, S.V. Bracher, Herbert Burrows, E[va] Gore-Booth, L. Lind-Af-Hageby, C[aroline] L. Playne, E. Roper and Israel Zangwill. Printed, typescript and manuscript. 11 documents. [1915].

Order form for the Summary of the Conference upon the Pacifist Philosophy of Life. Completed by Patrick Geddes, Edinburgh, [c 1915].

Newspaper cutting: 'Mr. Robert Yerburgh M.P.'s A[ ] for National Service' by [ ]. From an unknown source. No date.

Leaflet: '"Compromise": How to Settle the War Amicably' by 'An Interested Parent'. Printed. 1 document. No date.

Stop-The-War Leaflet No. 1: 'Some Reasons Why the War Should be Stopped'. Published by the British "Stop-the-War" Committee. Printed. 1 document. 2 copies. July 1915. Also: membership leaflet for the Stop-the-War Committee. 1 document [c 1915]

Pamphlet: ‘On War ‘ by S[ ]. Printed. 1 document. 2 copies. 1915.

Letter: T[homas] Baty to Patrick Geddes.
Relating to a central council to co-ordinate anti-war efforts and asking Patrick Geddes to participate in this. Mention of Vernon Lee [Violet Paget], the Duchess of Hamilton, Norman Angell and Dr. Cobb.

Notes relating to the International Congress of Women at [The Hague, The Netherlands]. Resolutions from 28-30 April 1915 [see also T-TYR 1/7 [;isad]]. Typescript. 1 document. [1915].

Card-note by Patrick Geddes listing the following names: R. Unwin, P[atrick] G[eddes], Morley Fletcher, H[ ] W[ ], [Stanley] Adshead, H[enry] V[aughan] Lanchester, [ ] Cobden-Sanderson, [ ] Walker, W[ ] C[ ], [Alfred] Caldecott, [ ] Burridge, W[ ] Walter, [ ] Wilson, [ ] Trump, B[enchara] Branford, [ ] Thomas, [ ] Christie, Mrs. [ ] Christie, Mrs. Trowbridge. 1 document. No date.

Leaflet: 'The Council for the Study of International Relations: Memorandum on Objects, Methods and Organization'. To be submitted to the Council on 29 July 1915. Printed. 15 pp. c 1915.

List of town and districts where study groups have formed related to the Council for the Study of International Relations. Printed. 1 document. 1 June 1915.

Maurice V. Brett (Secretary, The Garton Foundation) to Patrick Geddes. Informing Geddes of the existence and nature of data which the Garton Foundation has been collecting about economic, financial and economic reactions to the war. Asking for suggestions about adding to the collection, and also for any donations of relevant material. London, 10 February 1915.

John Hilton (The Garton Foundation) to Mrs. [Anna] Geddes.
Wishing success for an exhibition. Enclosing a set of books published by the Foundation and works by Norman Angell, to be added to the permanent library at the Outlook Tower, Edinburgh (not extant). Also enclosing a copy of a conference syllabus and his private address book of Edinburgh contacts. Mention of the loss of Patrick Geddes' Cities and Town Planning Exhibition.

News clipping: 'Among the Books'. A list of books, with manuscript endorsements next to books relating to the war. T.P.'s Weekly, p. 546. 5 June 1915. Enclosed in paper folder endorsed 'Books on the War'.

Draft letter and letter: Patrick Geddes to Miss [Jane] Addams

Relating to reconstruction, city and town planning (which Geddes believes complements the tasks of the peace movement), 'Hague resolutions' [from the International Conference of Women, The Netherlands, April 1915, [see T-TYR 1/6 []]. Manuscript. 2 documents, one incomplete.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

Bundle of papers by and from Lewis Mumford

Letter: Lewis [Mumford] to Jaqueline Tyrwhitt. Manuscript. 2 documents (original and copy). New York, 21 July 1951.

Original and copy of article: 'Patrick Geddes, Insurgent' by Lewis Mumford. The New Republic, p. 295. 30 October 1929. 2 documents. Endorsed: 'For Jaqueline Tyrwhitt, Lewis Mumford'.

Copy of article: 'The Disciple's Rebellion: A Memoir of Patrick Geddes' by Lewis Mumford. Encounter. Vol. XXVII. No. 3. pp. 11-21. September 1966.

Paper folder endorsed by Jaqueline Tyrwhitt: 'II: Being notes on the interrelationships and interactions of the aspects and factors of social growth and development'

Notes and diagrams by Patrick Geddes on 'Interaction'. Including a small valley section diagram. Manuscript. 1 document. No date.
Endorsed in different hand '[1930-32]'.

Notes and diagrams by Patrick Geddes. Relating to cities, philosophy, synthesis, etho-polis. 3 documents. No date.

Cardnotes, many with diagrams, by Patrick Geddes. Relating to religion, the arts, occupations, valley section, Cities Exhibition, Aberdeen exhibit and survey, folk/work/place, town/city/school/cloister, town/city/university/temple, museion, temples, regional tower and cosmic dome, alcohol, the natural environment. Manuscript. c. 40 docs. No date.

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