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GB 249 T-GED/9/2347 · Item · 5 January [ ]
Part of Patrick Geddes papers

Accepting invitation and asking to bring John Middleton Murray, Geoffrey Sainsbury, Sir Richard Rees and Max Plowman, who are keen to meet Patrick Geddes.

Whyte, Lancelot Law, 1896-1972, philosopher and theoretical physicist
'Portrait d'un Gonzagne'
GB 249 T-GED/22/4/124 · Item · No date [1455]
Part of Patrick Geddes papers

Reproduction of a painting.

'No 22 Rome. Galerie Sciarra' endorsed in bottom margin.

Mantegna, Andrea, c. 1431-1506, painter and engraver
GB 249 T-GED/22/1/1487 · Item · 1574
Part of Italy: Individual towns, cities, regions etc.

Map of the city of Rome, comprising eight sheets mounted on linen backing.

'Urbis Romae Sciographia Ex Antiquis Momentis Acccuratiss Delineata'
'Cura, et Tipis lo. Iacobi de Rubeis in Romae ad Templ. S.ta M.a de Pace Cum Privil. Sum. Pont.'
'Excudebat Io. de Rubeis'

Johan de Rubeis.

Scale unspecified.

Dedication to 'Karolo IX Galliarum Regi Christianissimo Stephanus Du Perac Parisiensis'.

'Cities Exhibition No. 789'

GB 249 T-GED/22/1/106 · Item · [1575 or later]
Part of Belgium

'[ ] [ ]rgum oppidum Galliae Belgi:[ ] [ ] Lympurch, gallicé, Lembor dr. [ ]
[ ]humaniter nobis communicauit [ ]achus Lymburgus Me: [ ]ij
Canonicus digniβi:
[ ]itus.'

Anon. [Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg]

On reverse text in Latin.

[Probably from Georg Braun and Frans Hogenburg, Civitates Orbis Terrarum (Cologne 1575 and later) part II, Latin edition.]

Braun, Georg, c. 1540-1622, topographer
GB 249 T-GED/22/1/716 · Item · 1586 [publication 1588 and later]
Part of Denmark

'Topographia Insulae Huenae in celebri porthmo Regni Daniae, quem uulgo Oersunt uocant. Effigiata Coloniae 1586.'

Map of the island of Hveen near Copenhagen where the astronomer Tycho Brahe established the observatory Uraniborg after he was awarded the island by Frederick II.

Anon. [George Braun and Frans Hogenberg]

Scale unspecified.

Two insets: 'Vraniburgum [... ] Ichnographia Praecipvae Domus.'; 'Totius Ambit et capacita tis delineatio.'

On the reverse, one page with text (Latin) 'Topographia Insulae Huenae in Celebri Porthmo Regni Daniae [ ]' (p.27).

From George Braun and Frans Hogenberg, 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum' (Cologne, 1586 and later), part IV, Latin edition, map 27 (Koeman, 2, 1969, p. 20, B&H4).

Braun, Georg, c. 1540-1622, topographer
GB 249 T-GED/22/1/1012 · Item · 1588
Part of Germany: Individual towns, cities, regions etc.

Bird's eye view of the town of Bardewick.

'Typus oppidi peruestusti Saxonum Bardewici suumptibus illustris et generosi Domini D. Henrici Ranzonij Producis umbrici ad condecorandum nunc Quintum Urbium tomum liberaliter transmissus est, Anno xpi MdXCV'
'Daniel Frese pinxit 1588'

Latin text on the reverse (p. 44).

Probably from Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg, 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum' (Cologne, 1589), part V, Latin edition (Koeman, 2, p. 22, B&H 5, No. 44).

Frese, Daniel, 1540-1611, painter, cartographer
GB 249 T-GED/22/1 · Series · 1585 - 1593, no date

Photographs and maps of Denmark.

This series is part of Patrick Geddes’ large collection of maps, plans, photographs, prints and drawings of countries and regions around the world. Much of this collection was part of Geddes' Cities and Town Planning Exhibition.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner
GB 249 T-GED/22/1/51 · Item · Undated reproduction of original map dated 1597
Part of Australia

'Wytfliet’s map of the Southern continent, 1597'

Scale unspecified.

Extract from Scottish Geographical Magazine attached to map.

GB 249 T-GED/22/1/717 · Item · 1593 [publication 1598 and later]
Part of Denmark

Map of Odense.

'Civitatis Episcopalis Othenarum sive Otthoniae, ut vulgo Dicitur, Fioniae, Insularum Daniae, Regnis Amoe Nissimae Fertilissimaeque Metropolis Secundum Situm & Figuram Quam Hoc Seculo Habet, Delineatio, Anno Partae Per Unicum Mediatorem Xpm, Salutis: M.D. LXXXXIII. Genere, Virtutibus, famaque illustri Henrio Ranzouio, Imperiali et Regio Danico, consiliario; Ducatuumque Slesuici, Holsatiae et Dithmarsiae gubernatore, summorum et optimor conatum promotore impensas Suppeditante.'

Anon. [George Braun and Frans Hogenberg]

Scale unspecified.

On the reverse, two pages text (Latin) (p. 30).

From George Braun and Frans Hogenhberg, 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum' (Cologne, 1598 and later), part V, Latin edition, map 30 (Koeman, 2,1969, p. 21, B&H5).

Braun, Georg, c. 1540-1622, topographer