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'Problems arising from the use of asbestos in buildings'

Correspondence and papers re various editions of the information pack 'Problems arising from the use of asbestos in buildings: papers assembled by SPAID'.

Includes copies of various SPAID notes from the pack, as well as SPAID note 22A ('Asbestos in buildings: effects on health and exposure'), reproducing the Health & Safety Commission publication on the topic by Richard Doll and Julian Peto, 1985. Further, former note 49 ('Industry information: the mineral asbestos'), from 'Asbestos - its special attributes and uses' of the Asbestos Information Committee (AIC), 1975.

'SPAID News'

  • copy of 'SPAID news', issue 2, c.1980. With an annotated table on how a claimant's address may play a part in deciding whether s/he receives benefits or not
  • copy of 'SPAID news', January 1990
  • copy of the final issue of 'SPAID news', March 1996, announcing that the organisation had changed its name and expanded its mission beyond industrial disease, to benefit anyone affected e.g. by asthma, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), solvents or pesticides, and so forth

'Salter: relevant research papers'

Notes and annotated copies of research papers re interpretation of fibre counts. Includes copies of

  • copy of letter from Dr Allen Gibbs to the coroner of Staffordshire South, June 2000, critiquing OEDA analysis of lung tissue
  • Nancy Tait's extended cv, version May 2001
  • draft OEDA note 'Asbestos - lung cancer...?' c.1998
  • HSE table ‘Death certificates mentioning specified asbestos related disease’ (1997)
  • 'SPAID controls 1993'; as Nancy Tait explained, controls were not actually relevant to SPAID's work, which identified type rather than amount of asbestos present
  • excerpt from Dr Allen Gibbs' testimony in the inquest on Mr Wiltshire, April 1988

This is followed by a set of scientific publications 1965-2000 arranged by reference number, many of them annotated by Nancy Tait. The text references these sources has not been identified.

The inscription 'Salter' may refer to a then current case with which OEDA was involved.


Instructions on how to use the computer in the OEDA office and the databases used by the organisation, in particular 'Spaidbas', a database mapping company information (employers) to their insurers. Includes

  • results of several queries dated October 1995
  • also instruction for using the fundraising table in a database referred to as 'OEDABASE'

The computer in question was donated by Rowley Ashworth Solicitors.

'Special' Correspondence

Special Correspondence of Nancy Tait including correspondents and topics:
-The House of Lords about the activities of SPAID
-'The Lord Plant of Benenden’, about a donation from the Inland Revenue and about the Wembley Health and Safety exhibition
-General H A Lascelles, about his advice for appealing to charities for funding, and his involvement in SPAID
-Lord Avebury, the House of Lords, about SPAID activities
-'Field Fisher & Martineau', about statistics of SPAID
-Audrey Hanson about support for SPAID
-'Honorable Anthony Berry', House of Commons, about raising the point of Mesothelioma with the Minister of State (Health)
-Lord Graham of Edmonton, House of Lords, about his support for SPAID

'Ten Rillington Place'

Draft of 'Ten Rillington Place', which was published in 1961, about the wrongful conviction and hanging of Timothy Evans.

Typewritten with handwritten amendments.

14 chapters.

'The future of regulation of health professionals - a patient-centred approach', Consumers' Association, London, 11 October 2000

Correspondence arising from the conference ‘The future of regulation of health professionals - a patient-centred approach’ and papers. Includes:

  • Nancy Tait's criticism, which was that her conference working group was not considering patients at all
  • copy of the programme, list of delegates
  • Tait's note on the meeting
  • copies of slides of paper on opportunities for multidisciplinary work by Helen Caulfield
  • annotated copy of consultation paper 'Professional self-regulation: a patient-centred approach'
  • copy of 'Which?' Consumer policy review on professional regulation, 2000

'The third wave of asbestos disease: exposure to asbestos in place. Public health control', Collegium Ramazzini, New York, 7-9 June 1990

Correspondence arising from the conference ‘The third wave of asbestos disease’ (referred to by Nancy Tait as "Selikoff's conference") and papers. Includes:

  • conference programme, annotated
  • report of the exchange between Nancy Tait and Dr Abida Haque at the conference
  • Tait's news release on her return from New York and alerts to press contacts
  • photocopies of scientific papers 1974-1996 exploring transfer of asbestos to unborn children
  • copy of conference proceedings' table of content

There also is a video recording of the conference; see link below.

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