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Poona (Pune)

Four photographs of notable buildings at Poona, mounted on one sheet.Gate into an unidentified building. 2 photographs mounted together. 39.1 x 13.6 cmSquare in front of the same gate. 20.2 x 14.9 cmBuildings around an open space. 19.3 x 14.2 cmAn...


Two blueprints of plans of two temple complexes at Srirangam, mounted on one sheet.'Sri Ranganadaswami Temple'. 28 x 17.6 cm'Sri Jambunathaswami Temple'. 26.5 x 17.6 cmAnon.


'Uppukara Block III Ward Madura Town'Two planning proposals for a block in Madurai, mounted on one sheet.'Sketch No. 1 As approved by the Sanitary Commissioner'. '(Signed) S. Padmanabha Aiyar Engineer 11-5-15'. Black ...

Views of the Minakshi Sundareshvara Temple complex at Madurai

Anon.Panoramic view (three photographs) of the temple complex showing the various gopuras. 84.9 x 22.2 cmGopura next to the Golden Lily Tank. 23.5 x 28.8 cmCentral shaft and pillars of Kambattadi Mandapa at Minakshi Sundareshvara Temple. 24.1 x 29...


'Nagpur City and Civil Station'Anon.; after Patrick GeddesMaps probably part of Patrick Geddes's survey of Nagpur [see Geddes, 'Nagpur Report', p. 1].


'Proposal for relieving the congestion in Uppukara Block''Madura Ward No. 3 Block No. 14''S. Padmanabha 9-2-15 Engineer' signed in manuscript in ink.'V. Srinivasan Chairman' signed in manuscript in ink.Scale...

Manantoddy (Manantoddi)

'Manantoddy Town, Malabar District''Surveyed & Mapped under the Superintendence of Lieut. Col. C. A. Liarder Deputy Superintendent Madras Survey complet[ed] [ ] 1885''Photo Zincographed in Central Survey Office Madras...

Maps of Nagpur

'Location of Occupations''Average Value in different Areas' Anon.; after Patrick Geddes


One page of a town planning report for Tiruvattiswaranpet and one map of the same city, mounted on one sheet.'Tiruvattiswaranpet (Madras) Proposed street from Suparigunta Paracheri to West Car Street of Temple Square' (pp. 97-98)'Te...


Photograph of the Minakshi Sundareshvara Temple complex at Madurai, view towards the gopura next to the Golden Lily Tank.Anon.


Photograph of rock carvings (The Descent of the Ganges) at the Pancha Pandava Mandapa, 7th century.Anon.


Three technical drawings for different types of wells, mounted on one sheet.'Madras Sanitary Board Type Design for Open Well fitted with I Semi Rotary Pumps''Madras Sanitary Board Type Design for Deep Well fitted with Pump and W. I....


Two sheets with photographs of temple buildings atMadurai.Anon.

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