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Tanjore (Thanjavur)

'Tanjore Town.''Delt. F. L. C. 10.9.15'Scale: 1 inch to 528 feet'4 3/8 inch no border wanted' in manuscript in pencil in bottom margin.'6 1/2 not to exceed no border' in manuscript in pencil in right margin.

Trichinopoly' (Tiruchirapalli)

'Sketch shewing [sic] the alignment of roads streets and lanes in the land acquired for Suran Parachery extensions Trichinopoly'Anon.Scale: 1 inch to 300 feet

Tanjore (Thanjavur)

Three photographs of temples at Tanjore, mounted on one sheet.View along the outer enclosure of Brihadishvara (Rajarashvara) Temple at Tanjore. 29.2 x 23.2 cmMain shrine of Brihadishvara (Rajarashvara) Temple at Tanjore. 'Johnstone & Hoff...


'Rough Plan of Thana Municipality' [Title inscribed in manuscript in crayon (blue)]Tracing of a map of Thana with some streets and places marked in colour.Anon., after Patrick GeddesScale: 1 inch to 200 feet[Geddes, 'Bombay Presiden...


'Palaces at River Side at Udaipur'Anon.

Trichinopoly (Tiruchirapalli)

Two reproductions of planning proposals for a block at Trichinopoly, mounted on one sheet.Scale: 3 inches to 200 feet'Trichinopoly Plan 1'. 'Reg: No. 1569/3'. 45.2 x 33.5 cm'Trichinopoly Plan 2'. 'Reg: No. 1569/2...

Trichinopoly (Tiruchirapalli)

Two planning proposals for Ward No. 2 at Trichinopoly, mounted on one sheet.'Trichinopoly Town Sketch B showing the dry & wet lands extension in Tennur Ward No. 2.'. 'Reg: No. 1585'. 41.5 x 33.5 cm'Trichinopoly Town re...


Nine glass slides of notable buildings and views at Udaipur.Anon.

Tanjore (Thanjavur)

'Tanjore District Tanjore Town Topographical Map''Photo-Print Survey Office, Madras, 1905'Anon.Scale: 10 inches to 1 mile'Tanjore Town Map' labelled in top right margin.Some areas marked with crayon.

Maps of Nagpur

'Death Rate''Infant Mortality'Anon.; after Patrick Geddes

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