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Case support

  • registers and other finding aids for the extensive OEDA case file series (OEDA CF); see link below
  • information resources on employers and insurers and other materials for supporting compensation claims
  • some case correspondence, medical appeals correspondence, correspondence with the medical appeal administration, and with the social security commissioner
  • standard forms authorising Nancy Tait to access her clients' medical records

Town Planning and Regional Planning

This section comprises the following series:

  1. Cities in Evolution
  2. City Development
  3. City Development (continued)
  4. Regions and Cities
  5. Cities and Regional Surveys
  6. Cities and Regional Surveys (continued)
  7. India
  8. Cyprus
  9. Palestine
  10. Ireland

Edinburgh and the Outlook Tower

This section comprises the following series:

  1. Regional Developments in Edinburgh - Cockburn Association

  2. Outlook Tower and Museums

  3. Outlook Tower: miscellaneous printed notices etc.

  4. Outlook Tower: manuscript, typescript, printed matter and newspaper cuttings

  5. Outlook Tower: collection, activities, events; architecture in Edinburgh

  6. Outlook Tower and Outlook Tower Association

  7. Outlook Tower: teaching classes 1931

  8. Outlook Tower: facilities, programmes, excursions

  9. Correspondence with some related papers: Edinburgh

  10. Correspondence with some related papers: Outlook Tower

  11. Town and Gown Association Ltd

  12. Edinburgh and Outlook Tower: miscellaneous material


This section comprises the following series:

  1. Philosophy of History, Interpretations of History, Teaching of History, World History, Ancient History

  2. Medieval and Scottish History

  3. History of various countries, other historical topics, historical maps and charts

  4. Miscellaneous history manuscripts and printed material

  5. War and Peace

  6. War and Peace (continued)

  7. War and Peace (continued)


This section comprises the following series:

  1. Town planning

  2. Economics

  3. Sociology and Civics

  4. Art

  5. Architecture

  6. Philosophy

  7. Religion

  8. Education

  9. Geography

  10. Science

  11. Astronomy

  12. World Current Affairs and Politics

  13. Literature/Journalism

  14. Maps and Guide Books

  15. Miscellanea


Council, Board of Governors and Committee minutes and papers 1909-1913, 1921-1964; Board of Studies minutes 1947-1964.


College History; Journal 1950-1963; other publications; press cuttings 1919-1972; formal opening of Library by HRH Princess Alexandra of Kent 1956; coat of arms.

Scottish College of Commerce, Glasgow


Rusk's research notes and material. Also, several publications owned by Rusk.

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