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Careers Service annual reports

Up to session 1993-1994, the annual report was produced as two companion documents: the annual report and the statistical supplement. Thereafter, a single document was produced each year, with the exception of session 1995-1996, for which there is...

The Evergreen and Messrs. Patrick Geddes and Colleagues

In 1894, the company Patrick Geddes and Colleagues was formed as a publishing venture. One of its first publications was 'The Evergreen', which appeared in 1895-1896 [for copies, see GB 249 T-GED 24/357]. The papers relate to its publica...

Mining in South Africa

Flynn's twin interest in the South African mining industry and in international corporations' conduct in Southern Africa dates back to his period with Granada Television's current affairs programme World in Action, 1979-1990. Over t...

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