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This section comprises the following series:

  1. The Coal Crisis 1925

  2. Principles of Economics, Industrialism, Welfare

  3. Wages, Scottish Agriculture and Rural Industries, Socialism and the State

  4. Miscellaneous material, mainly Rural Development in Scotland

  5. Statistics, Occupations, Political Economy, Agriculture


This section comprises the following series:

  1. Civilisation, Social Science

  2. Material relating to Frédéric Le Play

  3. Sociology and Health

  4. Civics, Occupations

  5. Social Evolution

  6. Applied Urban and Rural Sociology

  7. Miscellaneous Sociological Notes

  8. Miscellaneous Sociological Notes (continued)

  9. Miscellaneous Sociological Notes

  10. Miscellaneous Notes on Sociology and Reconstruction

  11. Miscellaneous Notes on (International) Sociology

  12. Notes and Papers on Sociology, Life Theory and Women

Financial and business papers

This section comprises the following series:

  1. Papers and correspondence relating to Patrick Geddes's publishing and building ventures

  2. Papers of Victor Verasis Branford

Post-1932 papers relating to Patrick Geddes

This section comprises the following series:

  1. Papers, chiefly correspondence, relating to posthumous listing and publication of Patrick Geddes' manuscripts (c 1947-1949)

  2. Minutes and notices of the Outlook Tower Association (c 1932-1954)

  3. Printed and published material relating to planning and to the 1954 Patrick Geddes' centenary celebrations (1938-1969)

  4. Miscellaneous papers

Student records

Student records 1917/1918-1969/1970 incomplete; examination papers 1923/1924-1969; examination results 1913/1914-1969/1970.

Formation of College

Records relating to the planning for the merger of the Association of Teachers of Speech and Drama and the British Society of Speech Therapists to form the College of Speech Therapists. The bulk of the material pre-dates the College's foundation in 1945.

British Society of Speech Therapists

Annual general meetings

The agenda for the Annual general meeting mainly consisted of: 'presentation and adoption of the annual report'; 'presentation and adoption of the annual financial statement'; 'appointment of auditors'; 'declaration of result of elections to the Council'; 'address by Chairman'; 'votes of thanks to retiring members of Council'.

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