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Alan Dalton papers
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Waste/recycling workers' prosecutions

Papers on prosecutions of waste disposal/recycling firms over deaths of employees. Inlcudes press coverage and notes by Dalton on Ian Ward who died while working for Norpol Recycling Ltd, Lancashire.


Press cuttings on asbestos collected by Dalton.

Trade unions

Correspondence and papers relating to trade unions. Some of the series originates from Dalton's role, between 1995 and 1998, as Health and Safety Co-ordinator at the Transport and General Workers' Union (TGWU) but there is also some ear...

London Hazards Centre

Email communications to health and safety listservs from the London Hazards Centre on environmental and occupational health issues (mainly asbestos-related) in the news. Also includes some non-email correspondence and papers sent to Dalton by the ...

London Hazards Centre


Series of files on asbestos-related topics. Some files were created by Dalton in the course of a single role, eg as Researcher in Health and Safety at the Labour Research Department, whereas other files span more than one role.

Irving Selikoff

Article defending reputation of Irving Selikoff, Director of Environmental Sciences Laboratory at Mount Sinai Hospital. Annotated [by Dalton].

Asbestos Institute

Circular letter to national asbestos institutions, 1994Print--outs from Asbestos Institute website about chrysotile asbestos, 1998Copy of 'What is the logic being applied by anti-asbestos activists?' published by Asbestos Institute, 2003


Correspondence and papers on asbestos in Brazil. Includes:correspondence with Fernanda Giannasi, Brazilian labour inspector and safety engineer and co-ordinator of Ban Asbestos Networkacademic papers by Fernanda Giannasi, Annie Thébaud-Mony, Barry...


Correspondence and papers on asbestos in Japan. Includes:academic paperspress cuttingsappeal for protective masks for workers and residents in Kobe City after earthquake, 1995text of speech delivered in Japan by Mick Holder of London Hazards Centr...

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