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Correspondence between Dalton and Croner Publications Ltd on articles on asbestos by Dalton

Croner commissioned Dalton to write several articles for its Asbestos Risk Management newsletter and its Management of Contract Work newsletter. Included are copies of the following articles by Dalton:

  • ‘Asbestos in the environment’
  • ‘Focus on asbestos’
  • ‘High risk activities’
  • ‘Why is 3000 asbestos deaths a year not news?’
  • ‘What progress on a global ban on asbestos?’
  • ‘The duty to survey buildings for asbestos’

‘Alice: A Fight for Life’

  • transcript of Yorkshire Television documentary ‘Alice: A Fight for Life’ about asbestos, 1982
  • statement by John Willis, producer and director of the documentary, 1984
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