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Jaqueline Tyrwhitt papers
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Memorandum: Pierre Clavel to Jaqueline Tyrwhitt

Notes about Patrick Geddes' work. Sections are entitled: 'The Valley Section as a Framework for Study'; 'Competition or Cooperation'; 'The Region, the Town, the City'; 'The Valley Section as a Basis for Soci...

Letter: Pierre Clavel to Jaqueline Tyrwhitt

Thanking Tyrwhitt for her letter advising of the availability of Geddes material at Harvard, and arranging a meeting to view the documents. Manuscript. 1 document. 20 April 1959.Attached note: Pierre Clavel to Prof. [Jaqueline] Tyrwhitt. Listing i...

Paper folder endorsed by Jaqueline Tyrwhitt: 'II: Being notes on the interrelationships and interactions of the aspects and factors of social growth and development'

Notes and diagrams by Patrick Geddes on 'Interaction'. Including a small valley section diagram. Manuscript. 1 document. No date.Endorsed in different hand '[1930-32]'.Notes and diagrams by Patrick Geddes. Relating to cities, p...

Letter: V[ictor] Branford, to Pat[rick Geddes]

Branford's descriptions of a visit to Rome, especially the new University City (Citta Universitaria) in Rome and the possibility of establishing a Sociological Institute there. Also mention of a new fruit and vegetable market; an agricultural...

Branford, Victor Verasis, 1863-1930, sociologist

Paper: 'East and West: Towards Better Understanding' by Patrick Geddes, College des Indiens, Montpellier

Comparing and contrasting Western and Eastern (especially Indian) culture and education. Mention of: Town and Gown Association; Masques of Learning; Indian students in Edinburgh; Tagore; Bose; Sir Atul Chatterjee; Sir Michael Sadler; Dr. [Ananda K...

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

Letter: V[ictor] B[ranford] to Lewis Mumford

Regarding amendments and additions to a [bibliography] which Mumford has been compiling. Mention of: Patrick Geddes; Gooch; J.M. Robertson; Farquharson, Ruskin and his St. George's Guild; August Comte; J.J. Findlay; Herbert Spencer; F.S. Marv...

Branford, Victor Verasis, 1863-1930, sociologist

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