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Letter from Moses Pinto to John Anderson

MS letter in Hebrew, with translation. Pinto greets his "master and teacher, learned in the Torah. Rabbi Anderson" and promises to do service both by day and night". Translation by Professor Noah Morris, 1938.

Treatise on natural history

Another copy of the text of Anderson's Discourses of natural and artificial systems in natural history delivered to the Literary Society in Glasgow College, 1774, without the initial details about the Society but prefaced by several comments dated 1797 and 1798 on the importance of the work and its possible publication as a memorial to Professor Anderson, who died in 1796.

Military sketches

Contents: I. Of war as a scientific art; II. Of the improvement of artillery. The latter title is not actually present in the volume.

Catalogue of curiosities collected by Robert Woodrow

MS copy made by John Anderson, Glasgow College, 1 October 1760, of a catalogue of curisosities, 1703. Prefaced 'Copy of a small tattered book lent to me by the Reverend Mr. Peter Woodrow, Minister at Turbowtoun [ie Tarbolton], which he says is a catalogue of the curiosities collected by his father the Minister of Eastwood'. Lists natural history objects, fossils and antiquities.

Woodrow, Robert, 1679-1734, ecclesiastical historian

Draft of protest by John Anderson, Joseph Black and Thomas Hamilton

Draft of protest by John Anderson, Joseph Black and Thomas Hamilton over the payment of 50 merks to Robert Dick, former Professor of Natural Philosophy, and James Mair from the crop of 1754.

On the verso is a draft class ticket by John Anderson to James Caldwell for the latter's work in the Hebrew class.

The merk was a unit of Scots currency.

Operator's books for John Anderson's experiments

The volumes list the apparatus required for each experiment, which Anderson's laboratory assistant or 'operator' would be expected to set out for him. One volume (MS 30.4) has also been used for notes on astronomy.

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