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Alan Dalton papers
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Health and Safety Executive circulars on asbestos

Health and Safety Executive Field Operations Division circulars to factory, agricultural, quarry, railway and other specialist inspectors, 1982-1995.Health and Safety Executive/Local Authority Enforcement Liaison Committee (HELA) circulars to loc...

Ban Asbestos Network

Correspondence between Dalton and Patrick Herman, co-ordinator of Ban Asbestos Network. Includes article by Dalton entitled ‘Fighting asbestos hazards in the UK’ for Ban Asbestos Network’s ‘Black Book on Asbestos’.

Peto paper

Correspondence and papers on article by Professor Julian Peto of The Institute for Cancer Research in the Lancet in 1995 entitled ‘Continuing increase in mesothelioma mortality in Britain’.

George Wilshaw

Papers relating to claim for disablement benefit by George Wilshaw, who developed mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos.

Eva Delgado

Letter to Dalton from Eva Delgado, Alianza Frente al Asbesto, on asbestos in Peru. Encloses Alianza Frente Al Asbesto bulletins, 1994, and photograph of interior of asbestos fibre factory in Peru.

Armley, Leeds

Correspondence and papers on asbestos contamination in Armley, Leeds. The contamination was caused by fall-out from J.W. Roberts Ltd asbestos processing factory in Armley.

Hazards Campaign

Letter from Caroline Bedale, Greater Manchester Hazards Centre, to Hazards Campaign mailing list, on European Network.

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