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Patrick Geddes papers
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Pamphlets of 'Papers for the Present' series

  • 'The Banker's Part in Reconstruction'. No date.
  • 'The Modern Midas - man power and money power: bankers, financiers, profiteers'. No date. 2 copies.
  • 'The Drift to Revolution.' 1919. 2 copies.

All issued for the Cities Committee of the Sociological Society by Headley Brothers Publishers Ltd.

News cuttings from papers on socialism

  • 'Who brought reaction' by J. O'Neal from The Call Magazine. No date.
  • 'Cockneyfield Socialism' from The Scout: A Journal for Socialist Workers. Vol. 1. No. 9. December 1895.
  • 'Mr. G.A. Gaskell at Bingley'. Relates to a lecture by Gaskell 'on socialism versus individualism'. No date.
  • 'Socialism and democracy' by J. Kirby, to the editor of The New Age. No date.
  • 'The Servile State' by H. Belloc. From The New Age. 26 May 1910.
  • 3 articles on Marxism from The Call and The Times Literary Supplement. May 1918, April 1918.
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