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Patrick Geddes papers Canora, Jean, 1877-1912, poet and author
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Calling cards and business cards

A collection of calling and business cards, some annotated by Patrick Geddes and others, in connection with the Paris Exposition, 1900, and marked "invitations for Friday". Contains cards for the following individuals:

  1. Mr C. Inman Barnard
  2. Henri Brémontier
  3. Mr Herbert E. Butler
  4. Jean Canora
  5. Julien Crémieu
  6. René Debraux
  7. Alexis Delaire (2 cards)
  8. Alfred C. De Lury
  9. Eugène Dubern
  10. Abbé Felix Klein
  11. Marc Legrand
  12. Mm & Mme Henri Mazel
  13. Gaston Moch
  14. Gabriel Ourahian
  15. Gabriel Seailles
  16. Mr S. B. Sinclair
  17. Miss Williams, Franco English Guild

Moch, Gaston, 1859-1935, pacifist