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GB 249 T-MIN/40 · Collection · c. 1990 - 2020

Collection of miscellaneous and mostly non-technical writings about John Logie Baird, television pioneer, written and/or compiled by his son, Malcolm Baird. Some of the pieces have been published. The material forms a supplement to Malcolm Baird's more concise technical memoirs entitled “From the White Suit to the Hard Hat”.


  1. Lectures about John Logie Baird
  2. Articles about John Logie Baird
  3. Reviews (book and film)
  4. Sketches of people in John Logie Baird’s circle eg relatives, friends, associates including:
    (a) John Logie Baird's older sister Annie (1883-1971) and his daughter Diana (1931-2016)
    (b) the executor of John Logie Baird's estate (1894-1964)
    (c) Donald Flamm (1899-1998), John Logie Baird's friend and associate in the USA, and an honorary graduate of the University of Strathclyde
    (d) Antony Kamm (1931-2011) with whom Malcolm Baird wrote a biography of John Logie Baird
    (e) John Logie Baird's first love "Alice" (1890-1971)
    (f) A set of short character sketches developed by Malcolm Baird for a proposed film project
Baird, Malcolm, b. 1935, chemical engineer
GB 249 T-MIN/35 · Item · October 2013

Compilation by Malcolm Baird, son of John Logie Baird, of articles, letters and book reviews concerning the claim first made in 1976 that John Logie Baird was involved in secret war work concerning radar during World War II and the years leading up to it.

Baird, Malcolm, b. 1935, chemical engineer