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Photographs, plans and illustrations relating to Patrick Geddes' report to the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust, 'City Development: A Study of Parks, Gardens and Culture-Institutes'

Bundle of 9 files, containing 189 ff. Contains a range of photographic prints, plans and illustrations which were commissioned or drawn by Patrick Geddes during his survey of Dunfermline or included in the 1904 report 'City Development: a stu...

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

Notes by Patrick Geddes showing diagrammatic visualisation of thoughts and ideas

7 envelopes, four of which contain small paper notes by Patrick Geddes demonstrating diagrammatic visualisation of thoughts and ideas. The subject matter is given on the exterior of the envelope. Three of the envelopes are empty.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

Letters from various correspondents to Patrick Geddes

Contents relate to silk culture; shipping a bull for breeding to Cyprus; non-agricultural work for Armenian refugees; purchase of forests; the situation of the Armenian refugees without work in Nicosia; purchase of farms in Cyprus; the character o...

Correspondence relating to the Paris Exposition of 1900

Correspondents include: C.S. Secky; W. Nutt; J.M.D. Meiklejohn; M. Young; John Ross; G. Hughes & Co.; George W. Ochs, editor of the New York Times; [Edward] McGegan; H. [ ]; [Anna] Geddes; H. Jekyll; T.F. Pigot; F.J. Rowe; Bramley Hart; J.B. C...

Copy and draft correspondence from Patrick Geddes to others, relating to the question of settling Armenian refugees at Cyprus

26 documents which relate to Patrick Geddes' proposals for developing Mediterranean agriculture and manufacturing industry particularly in Cyprus; Cyprian antiquities; proposal for a labour colony for Armenians; financial matters of the Easte...