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A review of 'The Problem of the Unemployed' by J.A. Hobson

Press-cuttings pasted on to sheets and in a titled cover. Also enclosed:

  • Press review of 'La Question Ouvrière en Angleterre' by Paul de Rousiers. No date.
  • Review of 'The Fallacy of Saving' by John M. Robertson. No date.
  • 'Free Trade v. Fair Trade'. No date.
  • 'National Relief Fund. How it is being distributed: Mr. Wedgwood Benn Replies to Criticism' and 'Action of the Scottish Advisory Committee: The Provision of Employment for the Prevention or Relief of Distress'. From The Scotsman, October 1914.
  • 'A condition of Full Usefulness for Labour Exchanges'.
  • Letters to the editor of the Manchester Guardian by T.C. Horsfall, February 1910.
  • 'Paper from Waste' and 'Flax in Egypt'. No date.

Notes by Patrick Geddes

On time and space, Institute of Sociology, Indian caste system, life, synergy, childhood, social levels, love, policy (social), war and peace, presentments of life, city and university, London, Edinburgh and Paris. Manuscript.

Letter from John Brown Paton, Nottingham, to Sir George Kekewich

Refers to the newly established regulations relating to evening schools and seeks clarification in relation to the permitted role of recreation in evening classes. Mentions Sir John Gorst in relation to developments in Life Saving Drill classes.

Paton, John Brown, 1830-1911, clergyman

Letter from Charles Staniland Wake, Chicago, to Patrick Geddes, Dunfermline

Confirms receipt of package which included syllabus of lectures and a scheme for a Geographical Institution [not extant]. Mentions August Comte, discusses the study of geography, advises Geddes that he is preparing and copyrighting diagrams which aim to present the operation of hte principles of radiation and concentration, mention of Herbert Spencer, on the advancement of education, and an article on the advancement of education published in the New York magazine.

Wake, Charles Staniland, 1835-1910, anthropologist

Letter from G. Baldwin Brown, Edinburgh, to Patrick Geddes

Holyrood memorial to the late King. Reference to the 'Usher Hall wrangle'. Mention of Sir Herbert Maxwell, Sir Schomburg McDonnell, [ ], [ ] Blaikie, the Old Edinburgh Club, the Cockburn Association, Edinburgh Architectural Association, [Robert] Rowand Anderson, [ ] Lorimer, Bruce Home and John Burns.

Letter from [ ] to Frank Mears

Undefined business, possibly about International Exhibition in Glasgow. The question of whether John [Burns] should open in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Mention of Mr. Campbell, Lord Pentland and Patrick Geddes.

On reverse of 'Cities and Town Planning Exhibition, 1911' notepaper.

Letter from J. Stuart-Glennie, Haslemere, to Patrick Geddes

Proposed title for lectures on 'Europe and Asia in their Historical Interactions'. Business with Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree and debts to Mr Blaikie of Constables in connection with a memorial. Distribution of the 'literary guide', and the action of and his differences with the Folklore Society, and on the principles of his new theory of history.

Letter from Maurice Caudel, École Libre des Sciences Politiques, Paris, to Patrick Geddes

Thanks Patrick Geddes for his hospitality, writes he and Mrs. Caudel have enjoyed visiting the town of Roslyn. Mentions he is also writing to Mr. Francois Joseph Picavet, the chief editor of the Revue Internationale de l’Enseignement to inform him of Patrick Geddes’ project. Asks Geddes to send him two brief notes to pass onto Mr. Picavet, one about his Summer Meeting, regarding courses, professors, duration, and one about the University Halls, concerning its history, number and quality of students.

Draft advertisement notice for Scotsman in relation to Ramsay Garden Terrace

Handwritten draft and instruction for Whitson & Methven by Patrick Geddes, advertisement to be placed in the Scotsman newspaper, relating to the sale or feu of property at Ramsay Garden Terrace for the purpose of erecting one-storey range of educational buildings. Rear of page shows pencil drawing of unspecified architectural structure.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

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