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GB 249 T-MIN/41 · Item · [1917]

10 tinted lithographs printed on wood-pulp paper and glued together to form a rolled panorama (total dimensions approximately 50.8 x 1402cm). The original designs were created by Murdoch for a decorative frieze which his friend Patrick Geddes proposed for the exterior of the Castlehill Water Reservoir. Although the scheme never came to fruition, Murdoch published an edition of lithographs from his designs, accompanied by a descriptive booklet, for use as a teaching aid or for interior decoration. This was entitled 'A Procession of the Kings of Scotland from Duncan & Macbeth to George II & Prince Charles Stewart with the Principal Historical Characters in their Proper Arms and Costumes' (1902). A larger edition of the lithographs, also with an accompanying booklet, was published in 1917 and entitled 'A Procession of Scottish History, Showing the Succession of Scottish Kings and the Principal Figures of their Reigns, from the Time of Duncan and Macbeth, in their Proper Arms and Costumes'.
This copy is the larger edition of 1917, but does not have its original container or accompanying booklet.

Murdoch, William Gordon Burn, 1862-1939, artist
GB 249 OE/1/4/1 · Item · 1962 - 1967

Minutes of meetings of the Academic Advisory Committee concerning the procedures, standards and governance of the new University of Strathclyde.

University of Strathclyde | Academic Advisory Committee
GB 249 OE/1/4/2 · Item · 1965 - 1967

Papers of the Academic Advisory Committee concerning the procedures, standards and governance of the new University of Strathclyde.

University of Strathclyde | Academic Advisory Committee
GB 249 OM/134 · Item · 1974

Article from The College Courant: the journal of the Glasgow University Graduates Association, Vol. 26, No. 52, Whitsun 1974.

Volume also contains article on William MacKenzie, Professor of Anatomy at Anderson's Institution 1819-1828, by George P. Richardson, pp 26-30.

Richardson, George P., d. 1988, Registrar, University of Strathclyde
GB 249 OE/1/9 · Item · 1904 - 1947

Minutes of meetings of the Architecture Committee of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College and (from 1912) the Royal Technical College, Glasgow concerning the work of the Architecture Department and architecture classes in the Industrial Arts Department.

Indexed. Signed.

Royal Technical College, Glasgow | Architecture Committee
Audit Insights issue no. 2
GB 249 OS/31/1 · Item · Winter 2007

University of Strathclyde Internal Audit Service newsletter.

University of Strathclyde | Internal Audit Service
GB 249 CSTC/7/13 · Item · 1903 - 1917

Autograph album containing signatures, verses, and sketches in pen, ink and watercolour. Miniature black and white photographs of several of the contributors are pasted on to the pages. Much of the content dates from 1905, with the latest contribution dating from 1917. Most of the contributors were trainee teachers at the Glasgow Church of Scotland Training College (CSTC), also known as Dundas Vale Training College, and the first page contains an inscription signed by the owner's mother, Annie B. McLellan, dated 18 January 1905. This evidence suggests that the album originally belonged to Sarah M. McLellan, who trained at the CSTC from 1903-1905.

McLellan, Sarah Murie, 1884-1956, teacher
Autograph book
GB 249 JCE/22/2/13 · Item · 1916 - 1920

Autograph book of Louisa Jessie Fletcher, student at the Glasgow Provincial Training College from 1914-1916, and James Maxwell Dewar Teape, Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. The book contains autographs, sketches and verses that are individually dated from 1916-1920. It appears to have passed from Louisa's possession into James's possession around the second half of 1916. The earlier sketches and signatures are those of Louisa's fellow College students and staff, and the later ones are those of James's fellow servicemen. The nature of the relationship between Louisa and James is not known, but he was not a student of the College. He worked as a Gas Department Clerk after the First World War and married a Glasgow schoolteacher, Isabella Breckenridge Falconer, in 1920.

Fletcher, Louisa Jessie, 1893-1972, student at Glasgow Provincial Training College