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Scottish Hotel School Library accession lists

Monthly lists of accessions to the Scottish Hotel School's departmental library:January 1968February 1968March 1968April 1968May 1968June 1968July 1968August 1968September 1968October 1968December 1968February 1969

Meal service diagrams

Meal service diagrams showing everything that should be laid out on the table for banquet cover, luncheon and breakfast.

Savours of the Scottish Hotel School's Hospitality

Magazine to disseminate the latest news and events taking place in food and beverage within the Scottish Hotel School restaurant and throughout the School.Issue 3 (Autumn 1997)Issue 4 (Autumn 1998)Millennium Special Issue (2000)

Ambassadors of the Scottish Hotel School

Magazine to keep students and industry informed of events happening within the Scottish Hotel School in relation to student and graduate placements.Issue 1 (January 1997Issue 2 (October 1997)Issue 3 (January 1998)Issue 4 (May 1998)Headline issue (...

Loose menus

Menus for functions catered by students and staff of the Scottish Hotel School.

David Gee papers

Scrap book of memories of the Scottish Hotel School (formerly the Scottish School of Hotel Management) from 1944 until around 1996. Includes a potted history of the establishment and development of the School; photographs of staff and students; ph...

Graham Ross papers

Copy of 'Wine and the Wine Trade: five lectures delivered to wine trade students at Vintners' Hall, London, and at Birmingham, in Autumn, 1946 (London, 1947); lecture notes taken at Roger Dutron's lectures on wine; lecture notes on ...

Autographed copy of Scottish Hotel School prospectus

Copy of the Scottish Hotel School prospectus [1950], signed on the front cover by various students. Enclosed is a Scottish Hotel School menu dated 24 October 1950 and a programme for the Glasgow and West of Scotland Commercial College presentation...

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