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Copy photographs and illustrations of proposed plans and modifications to Pittencrieff Park and Dunfermline

67 copy photographs or illustrations, marked up in Geddes' handwriting with the proposed figure number in relation to layout of Geddes' report 'City Development: a study of parks, gardens and culture-institutes' (1904). Not all report figures are represented, some images are annotated by Geddes' with comments or have comments noted on a separate piece of paper, remarks on chapters and how images relate to each chapter.

Copy photographic prints and illustrations relating to Dunfermline

7 copy photographic prints relating to Dunfermline, marked up with order dimensions and re-touching notes. These images were undertaken by James Norval, as a commission from Patrick Geddes as part of his survey of Dunfermline. The survey informed his report to the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust 'City Development: a study of parks, gardens and culture-institutes' (1904). These images appear in the final report. The images are held on fine thin paper.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

Synthetigram Correlation

Visual diagrams and notes plotting the relationships between schools of thought, subject areas and ideas.

Preliminary programme and circular letter

  • Preliminary programme for the 11th Annual Conference of Educational Association, 28 December 1922 to 6 January 1923. Printed. [1922].
  • Circular letter from [ ], Registrar, University of Bombay, to Patrick Geddes and others. Requests that they form a sub-committee to explore what can be achieved through collaboration between the University and the City. Typescript. 1 March 1923.
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