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Scottish Hotel School records
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Title piece on the spine reads: 'Glasgow and West of Scotland Commercial College (Incorp[orate]d) Ledger No.5'.
Accounts ledger for the Scottish Hotel School, divided into the following sections:
Prize fund account; prize giving expenses account; books for Library account; office supplies; capital redemption; stock; interest; functions; insurances; locker rents; telephone; advertising; printing and stationary; soft drinks; Hotel Olympia; investments; class fees; residential fees; forfeited initial fees; initial fees paid in advance; deposits against damage; non-residential student meals; library account; buildings account; fittings, furnishings and equipment; salaries and wages; National Insurance; foodstuffs account; cleaning and attendance; apparatus for study; sundries and miscellaneous expenses; heating and lighting; rent and rates; repairs and maintenance; legal and audit fees.
Also includes separate accounts for the Restaurant, divided into the following sections:
Capital account; creditors control account; stores account; stock account; linen account; printing and stationary; cleaning; sundries; salaries, wages and National Health Insurance; repairs and renewals; drawings account; heating and lighting; income and expenditure account.
Enclosed with the volume is a separate, one-page document detailing the amounts paid from the current account, and the amounts paid from the Scottish Hotel School capital account due by the Glasgow and West of Scotland Commercial College, from November 1948 - November 1949.

Scroll ledger: restaurant

Records the Training Restaurant's income and expenditure under the following headings: cash sales; credit sales; cigarettes sales; kitchen refuse; kitchen stores; sundry creditors control account; sundries account; printing and stationary; cleaning materials; fittings, furnishings and equipment; mineral water account; salaries and wages; National Health Insurance stamps; repairs and renewals; gas account. Pages 66-101 are unused.

Non academic staff salaries book

Records the weekly wages of individual staff from 30 September 1948 to 30 September 1949.
Enclosed in the volume is a full list of names and addresses of Scottish Hotel School staff, both academic and non academic.
Two-thirds of the volume's pages are unused.

Students' fees book

Includes students' full names and addresses and details of class fees, residence fees and other fees paid for each year of their studies.

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