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GB 249 T-MIN/41 · Item · [1917]

10 tinted lithographs printed on wood-pulp paper and glued together to form a rolled panorama (total dimensions approximately 50.8 x 1402cm). The original designs were created by Murdoch for a decorative frieze which his friend Patrick Geddes proposed for the exterior of the Castlehill Water Reservoir. Although the scheme never came to fruition, Murdoch published an edition of lithographs from his designs, accompanied by a descriptive booklet, for use as a teaching aid or for interior decoration. This was entitled 'A Procession of the Kings of Scotland from Duncan & Macbeth to George II & Prince Charles Stewart with the Principal Historical Characters in their Proper Arms and Costumes' (1902). A larger edition of the lithographs, also with an accompanying booklet, was published in 1917 and entitled 'A Procession of Scottish History, Showing the Succession of Scottish Kings and the Principal Figures of their Reigns, from the Time of Duncan and Macbeth, in their Proper Arms and Costumes'.
This copy is the larger edition of 1917, but does not have its original container or accompanying booklet.

Murdoch, William Gordon Burn, 1862-1939, artist
Helen Tooker papers
GB 249 T-TOO · Collection · c 1950s

Illustrated charts purportedly tracing the ancestry of Helen Tooker's parents, Emily White Perkins and Harry Landon Tooker, back into early English, Irish and Scottish history. 16 of the charts are drawn in black ink and 7 in black ink and watercolour.

Tooker, Helen, 1906-1998, artist
Maggie Neilson papers
GB 249 FCTC/8/14 · Item · 1904-1906

Art exercises and notes from Neilson's studies at the Glasgow United Free Church Training College, 1904-1906. These have been trimmed and bound up as a volume, divided into the following sections: Nature Study; Object Drawing; Large Scale Practice; Clay-Modelling; Stencilling, and Ornament and Architecture. A final, unnamed section contains printed copies of drawings, some of which are annotated in pencil by Neilson. Five loose, small drawings of roses in pencil and watercolour are tucked inside the front board of the volume.

Neilson, Margaret Ferguson, 1884-1962, teacher