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Unwin, Sir Raymond, 1863-1940, Knight, architect and town planner Piece
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Five views of Hampstead Garden Suburb mounted on one sheet

'Town Planning and Modern Architecture in the Hampstead Garden Suburb'

Title page from an unidentified publication.

  • 'Fig. 5. Free Church (North Side) and Manse.'; 'Mr. E.L. Lutyens Architect.'
  • 'Fig. 14. Preliminary Design for Aged People's Homes.'; 'Messrs. Parker & Unwin, Architects.'; 'From a drawing by C.P. Wade.'
  • 'Fig. 15. Waterlow Court: The Interior of Quadrangle.'; 'Mr M.H. Baillie Scott, Architect.'
  • 'Fig. 13. Part of the "Great Wall", showing Summer-House overlooking the Heath.'
  • 'Fig. 9. Group of Houses in Temple Fortune Lane.'; 'Mr. E. Guy Dawber, Architect'
  • [Two more items missing]

Dawber, Sir Edward Guy, 1861–1938, architect

Four pages relating to Hampstead Garden Suburb from an unidentified publication

  • 'A Group of Houses round the Green - Willifield Way' (p. 11); 'Geoffrey Lucas A.R.I.B.A. Archt.'
  • 'A Group of Houses in Temple Fortune Lane' (p. 13); 'E. Guy Dawber, Archit.'
  • 'Proposed Group of Houses' (p. 27); 'Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin, Archits.'; 'Houses in Meadway' (p. 27); 'Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin, Archits.'
  • 'A Group of Cottages'; 'W. Curtis Green A.R.I.B.A. Archit.'

Dawber, Sir Edward Guy, 1861–1938, architect

Four illustrations of Hampstead Garden Suburb from an unidentified publication

  • 'Houses in Willifield Way' (p. 23); 'Geoffrey Lucas A.R.I.B.A Archit.'
  • 'Cottages in Willifield Way'; 'Michael Bunney A.R.I.B.A. Archit.'
  • 'Cottages in Hampstead Way'; 'Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin, Archits.'
  • 'Hoop Lane - Entrance to Estate'; 'Barry Parker & Raymond Unwin, Architects'

Bunney, Michael Frank Wharlton, 1875–1926, architect

Maps, illustrations and photographs of Hampstead Garden Suburb

One map, three reproductions of a model and of houses, one reproduction of a perspective drawing, and two photographs, mounted on one sheet.

  • Map showing Hampstead Garden Suburb, two areas marked blue, two streets red.
  • 'Fig. 3. Reynolds Close'; 'Barry Parker & Raymond Unwin, Architects.'
  • 'Fig. 22. Model of Portion of Hampstead Garden Suburb.'
  • 'Fig. 16. Block of Flats over Shops, Findley-road: Back View from Hampstead Way.'; 'Messrs. Parker & Unwin, Architects.'
  • 'Hampstead Garden Suburb: Lucas Square'; 'Mr T. Geoffrey Lucas A.R.I.B.A. Architect'
  • View along a street; 20.4 x 13.1 cm
  • View of terrace housing; 20.6 x 12.4 cm

Lucas, Thomas Geoffrey, 1872–1947, architect

Reproductions of photographs and plans of Hampstead Garden Suburb

  • 'Group of Cottages for the Hampstead Tenant Ltd. on the Hampstead Garden Suburb'; 'Barry Parker & Raymond Unwin, Architects'
  • Plans of various cottages.
  • Site plan and perspective view of group of semi-detached houses, floor plans of cottages rendered black.

'Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin, Architects Buxton and Buldock'

Parker, Richard Barry, 1867-1943, architect and town planner