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GB 249 OF/101/8 · Item · 1978

Prospectus for BSc BENg in Manufacturing Sciences and Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. Includes background to the course; special features of the course, philosophy and objectives of the course; course structure; curriculum; industrial training; admission requirements; application procedure; sources of finance.

University of Strathclyde | Faculty of Engineering
GB 249 OF/101/6 · File · 1987 - 1988, 1992

Leaflets advertising courses in advanced manufacturing systems design, industrial local area networks, manufacturing automation protocol, technical and office protocols, analytical modelling of structural systems, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, integrated building design.

University of Strathclyde | Faculty of Engineering
GB 249 OF/101/5 · File · 1987 - 2000

Leaflets advertising courses in computer aided building design, computer aided engineering design, housing and conservation, ship production technology, optical electronics, surveying, construction management, bioengineering, urban design, communications, power engineering, signal processing, ultrasonics, industrial control, biomechanics, information technology systems.

University of Strathclyde | Faculty of Engineering
GB 249 OF/101/7 · File · 1993 - 1994

Leaflets advertising:

  • CONDAM. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. Implications for designers, contractors and clients (one day conference and workshop), 1994
  • Scottish vocational qualifications in the construction industry: implications for the education and training community (one day conference), 1994
  • Fibre optics for engineers (short course), 1993 and 1994
  • Electronics manufacturing process contro (one day course)l, 1993 and Electronics soldering (one day course), 1993
University of Strathclyde | Faculty of Engineering
GB 249 OF/101/4 · File · c. 1983 - 1993

Leaflets advertising the following courses: architectural studies, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, energy systems and the environment, engineering with business management and European Studies, environmental engineering, environmental health, information engineering, manufacturing sciences and engineering, manufacturing systems engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and engineering materials, product design, production engineering and management.

University of Strathclyde | Faculty of Engineering
GB 249 OF/101/16 · Item · 1988

Report on the participation of the United Kingdom Consortium in the CEC PASSYS project for the year 1988. The Consortium included the University of Strathclyde; the Building Research Establishment; the Energy Technology Support Unit, and Pilkington Glass Ltd. The Report was submitted by Dr J. W. Twidell of the Energy Studies Unit, University of Strathclyde (the scientist responsible for the contract), and compiled by Dr P. Strachan of the Architecture and Building Aids Computer Unit (ABACUS), University of Strathclyde. Both Units are within the Faculty of Engineering.

University of Strathclyde | Faculty of Engineering