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Turkey: General
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Map of Asia Minor

'Asia Minor'
'By Keith Johnston, F. R. S. E.'
'Engraved and Printed in Colours by W. & A. K. Johnston Edin[bu]r(gh]'

Scalce: 1 inch to 80 miles

From 'Classical Geography Plate 13'.

Johnston, (Alexander) Keith, the elder, 1804–1871, geographer and cartographer

Map of the Ottoman empire

'The Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa, Dividid [sic] into all its Governments, together with the other Territories that are Tributary to it, as also the Dominions of ye Emperor of Marocco.'
'According to the Newest and most Exact Observations By H. Moll Geographer'
'Printed for H. Moll over against Devereux Court in ye Strand, and John Bowels [ ... ] in Cornhill, and T. Bowles [ ... ] next to the chapter house in St Paul's Churchyard and by lohn King at the Globe in the Poultry.'

Dedication by H. Moll to Tho. Vernon (commissioner of trade and plantations of his Majesty of Great Britain) in bottom left corner of right sheet.

Scale: 1 inch to 60 miles

Six insets:
Top left corner: '[ ] of Constantin[ople]', 16.4 x 9.5 cm
Top right corner: 'Smirna', 16.5 x 9.5 cm
Bottom left corner: 'A Draught of the City of Jerusalem as it is now taken from the South East by Corneille de Bruyn', 49.9 x 9.9 cm; 'The Church of the Holy Sepulchre & C.', 'J. Harris fecit', 20.3 x 11.2 cm; 'The Inside of ye flat cupulo and ye appearance of ye outside of the ye Holy Sepulchre', 14.7 x 11.1 cm; 'The Inside of the Holy Sepulchre and ye Grave of our Saviour [...]', 14.9 x 11.2 cm

Moll, Herman, d. 1732, engraver, geographer and book seller

Map of Turkey

'W. & A K Johnston's Map to illustrate the Cretan Question'
'W. & A. K. Johnston. Engravers & Lithographers. Edinburgh & London.'


Scale: 1 inch to 100 miles

With two insets: 'Crete or Candia'; 'Straits of Constantinople (Bosporus) and the Dardanelles.'

'T.R. Marr.' endorsed on the reverse in manuscript in ink.

Map of Turkey

'Turkey in Asia (Asia Minor) and Transcaucasia.'
'By Keith Johnston, F. R. S. E.'
'Engraved, Printed and Published by W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh & London'

Scale: 1 cm to 25 miles

From 'Keith Johnston's General Atlas', [pl.] '30'.

Johnston, (Alexander) Keith, the elder, 1804–1871, geographer and cartographer

Map of Turkey

'Turkey in Asia'
'Published by T. Brown and W & D Lizars Edinburgh.'


Scale: 1 inch to 69.5 miles

From 'New Edinburgh General Atlas'.

Map of Turkish Empire in Europe and Asia

'Turkish Empire in Europe and Asia'
'By Keith Johnston F. R. S. E.'
'W. & A. K. Johnston Edinburgh'

Scale: 1 cm to 19 miles

'19' endorsed in manuscript in ink in top right corner.
'19' endorsed in bottom left corner.

Johnston, (Alexander) Keith, the elder, 1804–1871, geographer and cartographer

Turkey: General

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Maps of the Turkish Ottoman Empire in Europe and Asia, including the dominions of the Emperor of Morocco.

This series is part of Patrick Geddes’ large collection of maps, plans, photographs, prints and drawings of countries and regions around the world. Much of this collection was part of Geddes' Cities and Town Planning Exhibition.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner