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Health and Safety Executive circulars on asbestos

  • Health and Safety Executive Field Operations Division circulars to factory, agricultural, quarry, railway and other specialist inspectors, 1982-1995.
  • Health and Safety Executive/Local Authority Enforcement Liaison Committee (HELA) circulars to local authority enforcement officers, 1996.

Ban Asbestos Network

Correspondence between Dalton and Patrick Herman, co-ordinator of Ban Asbestos Network. Includes article by Dalton entitled ‘Fighting asbestos hazards in the UK’ for Ban Asbestos Network’s ‘Black Book on Asbestos’.

Construction Safety Campaign

  • press release from Construction Safety Campaign announcing protest over asbestos dumping prosecution in Birmingham, 1997
  • Construction Safety Campaign News, December 1999
  • circular from Construction Safety Campaign on proposed changes to Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations, 2000
  • Construction Safety Campaign flyer calling for protest re asbestos, c.2000

Clydebank Asbestos Group

Communications and leaflets from Clydebank Asbestos Group. Includes paper about Chester Street financial scandal.

Barry Castleman

Correspondence between Dalton and Barry Castleman, environmental consultant, on asbestos-related issues. Subjects include Turner & Newall (including copies of Turner & Newall correspondence, 1938-1964), Richard Doll, Irving Selikoff, World Trade Organization asbestos case.

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