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Coal miners and dust-related disease oral history project
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Coal miners and dust-related disease oral history project

  • GB 249 SOHC 6
  • Collection
  • Original recordings, 2002, 2004-2005

Oral history project "Coal miners and dust-related disease" aimed to reconstruct the story of the human tragedy of coal miners' respiratory disease. It sought to "write the history of 'black spit' from its early discovery by Scottish physicians in the 19th century, through to the official recognition of coal workers' pneumoconiosis in 1942 and on to the campaigns to recognise bronchitis and emphysima as industrial diseases in the second half of the twentieth century that culminated in the landmark legal judgement in January 1998".

Of a reported number of 52 interviews undertaken, 27 survive as sound recording and transcript (14) or transcript only (13).

University of Strathclyde | Scottish Oral History Centre

Interview with a nurse

Arthur McIvor and Ronald Johnston in conversation with a nurse / health visitor in Wales, 29 June 2004.

  • sound recording (1 hour 9 minutes 1 second) and transcript

Interview not coded.

Johnston, Ronald James, b. c. 1960, oral historian, researcher, writer

Interview with John Jones

Sue Morrison in conversation with South Wales miner John Jones, 15 September 2002.

  • transcript

Interview C27.

Sue Morrison conducted the initial archival research for the oral history project, as well as a pilot interview. This presumably is the pilot interview.

Morrison, Susan, b. c. 1960, oral historian, researcher, consultant

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